Tips For Students To Rent Austin Cheap Apartments



Whether you’re an Austin local or a college student looking to move to Austin, you’re probably interested in renting a cheap apartment. But you may not know how to start your search. Here are some tips. Check out Austin Community Guide for information about popular neighborhoods and amenities. Also, take into consideration your commute time. If you’re not sure which neighborhood is best for you, start with a neighborhood that’s near campus because you don’t want to spend a long time getting there.

Affordable Housing Options

Students who are seeking housing should be aware of the numerous affordable housing options available in Austin. Many of these housing options are government-funded, so there is no need to worry about renting out your apartment to a stranger. Foundation Communities, a nonprofit housing provider, operates 21 apartment communities throughout Austin. These apartments are very well-maintained and were built within the past ten years. Rent prices range from twenty to a hundred percent of the median family income.

Students can get discounts on rent at certain properties near the University of Texas at Austin. Austin cheap apartments sell at a discounted rate. These discounted units cost approximately $700 to $1300 a month, depending on the type of housing. SMART housing can also be purchased by the bed or unit. Properties that participate in this program dedicate a set number of units to affordable housing.

Public Transportation

Students living in Austin should take advantage of the public transportation system to get around the city. The capital metro has bus and light rail services that are widely available. One ride on the bus costs $1.25, but one should consider getting a day pass, which costs $2.50. One can buy tickets online or at most grocery stores. The app can also help students get the most out of the public transit system. However, it is recommended that students take a private car if they plan to travel outside of the city.

Whether you are looking for a one-bedroom apartment with a shared kitchen and dining area or a two-bedroom apartment with a private bathroom and a private balcony, Austin has something to offer every student. Apartments in North Austin start at about $1300 a month, which is not cheap for a major city but not nearly as expensive as apartments in other parts of the country. Two-bedroom apartments are usually located in newer buildings with great amenities. Some of them even have pools.


If you are renting cheap apartments in Austin, Texas, you need to find out if your building provides parking. If your complex doesn’t offer any, it’s best to ask about other buildings’ parking. You might be able to find a space that you can rent for a fixed price or sign up for contract parking. If you don’t find a parking space on campus, you can look for a spot on the street for a monthly fee.

It’s also helpful to know about parking restrictions in the area. Some apartments only allow parking in front of their units. Others offer guest parking only on a common lot. While an apartment with ample parking might be okay, if you’ll need to park your car every day, it may not be a good idea to sign a lease. Additionally, if you’ll need to park your vehicle on a daily basis, you may have to pay for a city parking permit.

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