Tips For The Best Maintenance Of Timber Fencing For Years


The gardens of the houses are protected from the grazing cattle or other animals, by surrounding the lands with wooden fences. The house owner can increase the beauty of his property by the installation of the timber fencing that gives a sophisticated look to the house and also plays a vital role in enhancing the property value of the home. But it is essential to maintain these high-quality wooden fences in their original state, through proper care and regular watch of these fencing systems. When you install the timber fencing in your property, you need to choose the best quality fencing, and the timber should be installed with laminated contents. Due to rust, humidity, and climatic disaster, wood can be affected adversely, and in this regard, you have to invest some laminated timber as your property boundaries.

Vital Advice That Can Help In The Maintenance Of Timber Fencing

Timber Fencing

  • The wood of the fences needs to be protected from the harsh warmth of the sun rays in hot summer days and the heavy snowfall of the winters. Thus, these fences should be well coated with special protective paints and sealants that need to be applied at least twice in the first year and at a regular interval of a few years. Along with that, you need to repaint these timber fencings after a stipulated timeframe because the color of these fencing gets removed by rainwater.
  • The wooden fences should be cleaned regularly with water, sprayed from the hose pipes. If there is any stubborn dirt or soil spotted over the fences, it can be cleared by using a hard brush and water. There are some wood cleaning solutions available in the market, which helps you to remove the dust particles and soil from the wood joints. You need to use these solutions once in a week. Apart from that, you have to polish these timber fencing recurrently.
  • The molds of the timber can be cleaned with water pressure so that this fungus cannot destroy the whole fencing. The house owners can also apply some anti-fungal chemicals to kill the molds totally and prevent from reforming of this infection in the woods.
  • Any unwanted stain on the wood, containing UV inhibitors can be cleaned off the surface, by using a wood strainer that can be applied, while repainting the fences regularly. The strainer should be applied with quite thick brush, over the clean and dry wood.

How Do You Avoid Major Damages To Timber Fencing?

Timber Fencing

It is better to use certain resistant hardwoods, like cedar and redwood, to create the wooden fencing as this type of timber is very rarely damaged by the rough weather conditions or hardly rot even in logged water and continue to appear in a fresh state, even after many years, with only some repainting of the fences.

  • Any minor damage of the wooden fences should be repaired immediately, without letting to cause further damage that may need many expenses later on. If a specific strip of the wood comes out, it should be neatly trimmed, and the surface needs to be made smooth, before repainting it.
  • It is better to keep a certain distance between the fencing and the plants or the grasses of the garden so that the pesticides and fertilizers used on the plants cannot harm the wood of the fences.

Hence, the wooden fence should be installed over the concrete pathway, at a bit distance from the soil of the garden, to save the wood from termites and other parasitic insects that can reach the fences from the soil and destroy all the timber in a short period.

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