Tips For Upping Your Recycling Game


Recycling Game

For many people, when the term recycling is used, general ideas about recycling plastics come to mind. But keeping those plastic bottles out of the bin isn’t the only way to make this critical step in helping the environment become an integral part of life. Below are some ideas to up the recycling game in the home or office.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This is a pretty straightforward approach to recycling. Unfortunately, for most people, recycling is the only term in the phrase that rings true, but it’s the entire process that reduces one’s environmental impact.

Before recycling even occurs, reducing the quantity that’s consumed and perhaps also shifting consumption to better-designed services and products can be a significant first step.

The next step is to find creative uses for materials that are considered rubbish. If an item is broken, try fixing it instead of replacing it. If possible, return the issue, especially if it is electronics related. An even better bet is to not buy any packaged goods in the first place. Tossing anything in the bin should be the last resort.

Research Local Recycling Regulations – And Companies

Be sure to read up on all recycling rules in your local area. Don’t recycle items that can’t be processed. Each city will have its own rules; follow these guidelines as best as possible.

There are two types of recycling. One is real recycling, and the other is called green-washed recycling. The latter can mean that companies try to hide behind the idea of being green when, in reality, the recycling program in place causes more harm than good. The key here is to read up and become educated on what type of recycling is taking place.

In this same vein, it is a good idea to have a company that can take care of specific recycling services that are unique to a company or individual. For example, Cleartech recycling services include recycling everything from liquid waste, dangerous goods, and green and organic waste to product destruction, e-waste, and chemical services in the area of Perth waste disposal.

Buy Recycled

The embodiment of recycling is based on the cyclical movement of items through the system, which will, in turn, eliminate waste and reduce the need to extract new materials. Supporting this system means maintaining the loop by not only recycling yourself but buying items that have been recycled.

Recycled items can be found in anything from office chairs to printer paper. Be sure to know the difference between recycled and recyclable, as this will help to maintain the cycle.

Recycle Water

For residential properties, it might be a proper consideration to use wastewater from the shower or rainwater to flush toilets. If there is a garden present, water it with bathwater or dishwashing water.

Recycle Greenery

Composting is one of the simplest ways to recycle. Use both garden cuttings and green kitchen waste and put them into an indoor or outdoor composter. Composting kitchen scraps will mean less waste in the wastebasket and less smell in the kitchen. Hotter, more active heaps can consume tough items such as paper napkins and newspapers.

Recycle Electronics

This practice is becoming more common in urban areas. Items that can be recycled include batteries, computer parts, cell phones, appliances, and much more.

Do some research and find companies that will take such items and reuse them or fix them to give to people in need. It is also possible to find homes for these items at local trade schools, repair shops, or hobbyists who like to tinker with old parts.


Numerous charities accept donations of many kinds. There are even specific charities that exist solely to help people get rid of unwanted items that may be useful to others. Give away clothes, boxes, scented soaps, or anything in the home that is no longer of use. Be sure to recheck anything before it is put in the rubbish since there is a chance that someone somewhere may be able to find a use for it.

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