Tips For Using Entertaining Accents For Your Kitchen


Entertaining Accents For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where families start and end their days together and is arguably the single most important room in the house. Kitchens provide family and friends the opportunity to gather and catch up over a nice dinner or maybe a few drinks. If you consider adding some energetic spirit to your kitchen, consider mixing it up by adding some entertaining accents.

Our houses are a great way in which we can express ourselves and our personalities. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do a full-blown remodel, but more so that you should begin to incorporate fun and entertaining decorations and accents that represent your personality, quirks, and all! Although many of us find ourselves stuck in our day-to-day habits, adding some pops of décor or color to your kitchen may be the little kick-start you were looking for.

Fun And Vibrant Contrasts

If you have a fun and vibrant personality, incorporating some pops of color and fun décor around the kitchen may be what you need! Let your personality shine through by adding some fun and entertaining accents to your kitchen scape. This can be done through several different design elements, such as adding in an accent wall, a unique backsplash, or a quirky wallpaper. However, the major and easiest way to add accents to your kitchen is by changing out your dishware or adding in some unique accenting decorations.

MacKenzie-Childs creates handcrafted home décor with a quirky and fun twist. There is sure to be décor to match your spirit, regardless of what that is! From teapots to plates, tables, storage containers, planters, and tureens, MacKenzie-Childs creates each piece lovingly and meticulously! The best part? Each piece is unique, meaning they are one of a kind, just like you!

Country Charm

If you are more interested in a country charm theme for your kitchen, have no fear, MacKenzie-Childs is here! There are tons of interesting country-themed décor pieces you can add to your kitchen, but a fan favorite is MacKenzie-Childs’ Courtly Check design! It’s no secret that the beloved white and black check design has been around for centuries, and at MacKenzie-Childs, they have worked to perfect that unique and long-loved pattern over the past thirty years. The Courtly Check is undoubtedly MacKenzie-Childs’ signature pattern. They have created many items that incorporate this unique design to help liven up your kitchen and provide the country charm we all know and love.

Modern Classic Touches

There is something for everyone, even those who prefer a more modern and classic look for their kitchen. Whether you are looking to liven up your kitchen with some new dinnerware or simply by adding a few new pieces of décor, there is never a challenge too small or too big! Consider a more modern flowered design, or maybe you are a big fan of polka dots. Either way, adding some classic and modern décor may be exactly what you need to help liven up your kitchen!

Useful Storage Items

Storage items are essential in kitchens and store some of the essential things needed to pull off a family-sized dinner. Consider adding new and unique storage items such as canisters, cookie jars, and utensil holders to your kitchen! Storage items are essential to your kitchen, so why not have fun with them? Regardless of the vibe that you are going for, MacKenzie-Childs is sure to have a design as unique as you! Ranging from Courtly Check to a more modern floral design, there is a design for everyone.

If you’re looking to add some more energetic pieces to your kitchen or possibly even do some more hosting, these MacKenzie-Childs pieces would be the best bet for you! We’ve compiled a list of 3 fantastic products below that are guaranteed to add an energetic spirit to your kitchen!

Mackenzie-Childs Set Of 3 Hand-Decorated Enamelware Covered Canisters

This canister set embodies the “classic with a kick” aesthetic. This three-piece set is perfect for storing dry goods such as flour, sugar, pasta, or tea, as well as scrumptious sweets like candies and cookies! Each canister comes with a matching lid and ornate know. These pieces are made from enamelware and hand-painted with your choice of pattern, meaning this set is as pretty as it is practical!

Mackenzie-Childs Enamelware Small & Large Colander & Everything Bowl Set

If you are more interested in the country charm theme for your kitchen, then the Courtley Check design of these colanders and bowls are a great fit for you! This set is available in a variety of home-spun artistic styles. The colanders are great for washing and serving fresh fruit, while the Everything bowl is perfect for presenting new baked goods!

Mackenzie-Childs 10.5″ Cookie Jar W/ Hand-Decorated Enamelware Cover

If you’re looking for somewhere to store your world-famous chocolate chip cookies, look no further! This glass cookie jar is a hand-decorated enamelware cover that is adorned in a pattern of your choice. If you’re feeling creative, you can fill the cookie jar with dog treats, candies, notes, and more.

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