Tips On Building A Vertical Garden Out Of Plastic Bottles


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If you had to go through a major home upgrade and you want to take a good look around the home, then you can make use of some simple gardening solutions. A vertical growth pattern will help make that a reality while saving space at the same time. This will not only help with that, but it will also save up the plastic bottles, and making use of them instead of recycling them will make things work well. This will be a perfect solution for growing vegetables small scale, as well as making use of herbs and flower growth if you do it right. To do that, however, you will need to go with a few things first:

  • Creating The Base Of Your Vertical Garden

You can cut around a single soda bottle at its base. You can cut a bit lower than the label around the areas where the bottom curve is going inward at it. This will help stack the bottles a bit more snugly when you place them on the tower. Discarding the case of the bottle and moving on to the next step with punching some drainage holes should also give you a chance to make things work quite well. Great quality gardening will require you to fill the bottle with a right potting mix, whether it is compost or soil, then pressing the soil in so it will pack well. Leave an inch of space near the top of your bottle to allow for some growth and irrigation. Tie the base of your tower into a suitable supporting structure, such as making use of a chain-link fence and wire or twine, and you will have excellent results.

  • Stacking The Tower Levels

The next step will need you to cut the bottom of another bottle, then moving on to create a solid base. Remove the cap and discard it, then fill up the bottle with soil, leaving an inch or so of free space outside. Once that is done, you can nest the bottle on top of the other one, tying them together so they will not fall. You can repeat that process a few times, all depending on the wall you want the tower to be in at the end of the day.

  • Using Drip Irrigation As A System

You will need to cut a bottle in half near the middle, but closer to the top this time. This one has to be shorter than the others, making it work as a funnel instead. Cut the bottom of your final bottle, then just like you did with the lower levels of the base. The last thing will serve as a nice watering bottle. You will need to drill a small bottle in the cap, piercing it with a nail and making a hole, then cap it back on. Place the funnel on top of the tower, press it into the soil of the lower level. You can also put a watering bottle on top, tying it down as you work on gardening. You may want to keep this setup away from the garden, as landscaping purposes require it to be out of the way due to the unsightly setup.

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