Tips On Choosing The Right Microinverter For Solar System


Right Microinverter For Solar System

Solar power is a worthy alternative to traditional fossil fuels. The utilization of a solar system is not only eco-friendly but also more parsimonious. One of the basic elements of a solar system for any purpose is an inverter. This special device transduces direct current (DC), which is produced by the solar panel, to alternating current (AC), which is used in the electrical grid. There is a huge diversity of inverters today, and it can be hard to choose one. Most users are sure that the worthy option on the market due to its characteristic is a new microinverter Enphase iq8, which anybody can buy at A1 SolarStore.

Pic.: How solar inverter works in the solar system

Differences Between String Inverter And Microinverter

Differences Between String Inverter And Microinverter

On the market, are two main types of inverters. The idea of work is the same for all types, but the principle of acting is different.

The cheapest option is a string inverter. This common tech is useful only when all solar panels receive the same amount of solar power. The effectiveness of a string inverter depends on the lowest producing element of the solar system.

Microinverters are more expensive, but they are independent of the productivity of each panel because this system provides electric current despite the conditions of work (shadows, dust, or north-facing) of a single panel. Due to this fact, the owners receive more abilities to use a solar system and optimize its work according to personal requirements.

Pic.: The main difference in the work of string inverter and microinverter

Advantages Of Microinverters

Contemporary microinverters provide more current because of the detached work of each segment. This and other special features allow achieving additional benefits.

  • Users can easily add or take out a solar panel without recombination of the whole system.
  • Microinverter monitors solar intensity and can regulate optimal voltage in the system every day, accounting for weather and other conditions.
  • The high price of inverters is a good investment because they are very reliable and tested in extreme circumstances.
  • Microinverters have longer warranties than string ones. The term, as usual, is 25+ years.
  • The monitoring system for each panel helps to avoid ineffective panels or quickly notice a breakage.
  • Expenditures on maintenance are lower because the owner does not need to switch off the whole system during fixing, but the solar system can continue working without one or two panels.

Microinverters are a good decision for homes or commercial buildings with roofs facing different directions or having a complex construction.

What Customers Must Pay Attention To When Choosing Microinverters For Solar System?

There are some important features customers need to know when choosing an inverter for a solar system.

  • The first one is efficiency. It is necessary to figure out how well the inverter converts DC to AC. Higher efficiency means the larger output of electricity to a system.
  • The second one is the warranty. Most cheap inverters have a short lifespan, and they must be replaced during the solar panels’ exploitability. But microinverters have a long warranty and preserve a user from additional expenditures.
  • The third one is the type of inverter. The main kinds were described previously.

Why Microinverter Enphase IQ8?

Why Microinverter Enphase IQ8

Microinverter Enphase IQ8

Innovators of Enphase create a new solar system with a new type of microinverter. It has 97.5% efficiency, 295VA with 450VA OL, and is bi-directional (connected with PV and with energy storage).

The new product Enphase Ensemble is a technology to become independent of external conditions (such as natural disasters) and be included in the whole grid when it is available and needed. A1 SolarStore provides these innovative decisions for customers with high-qualified services and a support team.

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