Tips On Choosing Your First Outdoor Cooking Station


First Outdoor Cooking Station

Cooking outside is one of the best activities that can bring a family together. Not only on summer days but, considering your needs, you can also pick a cooking station that will work well in the winter. Endless options available can be limited only by your imagination and, of course, your budget. You can visit SmokeyMountainFireplaces as they care about both your ideas and budget and plan your purchase.

When having this kind of purchase planned, going straight to the store can be overwhelming, as various models do not necessarily meet your needs. You will come home with some leaflets and a feeling of confusion because there are way too many options on the market.

While online platforms can offer you great deals on a gas or electric fireplace, it’s always good to start by searching the web for the best equipment for your garden. You can click here to see all the options available before choosing the best one for the intended use and finalizing the purchase.

We are here to provide essential tips for choosing your cooking station. In the end, you will have a clear vision of what you can get.

Set Your Budget

Start with money, as this can put a limit on your dreams of the perfect barbecue area. Try not to search through glossy magazines for appliances, because it may turn out that you won’t have enough cash for the equipment.

Setting a budget allows you to realize if you can spend as much as you need for creating your first cooking station or whether you have a couple of hundreds of dollars for a single purchase only.

Either way, you don’t want to break the bank. And there are some classic situations where going over the budget is incredibly dangerous. For example, let’s imagine that you are buying a high-end gas grill. It is not the cheapest one, and besides, some unexpected expenses might be waiting for you around the corner.

It may turn out that paying for a line gas hookup can turn the whole pleasant adventure of creating a BBQ station into a nightmare. It’s like with every home improvement project – you have to leave some room at the top of the budget for inevitable events. This will save you a headache.

What Space Do You Have?

This point is no less important than setting the budget. The available space is crucial for the size of your dreamed outdoor cooking spot. So, if you can’t stop thinking about this amazing grill with a long countertop and additional appliances that won’t fit in your garden, it’s time to reconsider your options. Sometimes it’s better to go small but still have the best quality equipment.

Remember to measure the space before visiting a store. Check whether you will fit the grill and all of its addons. It is a good idea to search for the best grill online, as many websites let you limit the search results by size. It will save your time, as you won’t focus on grills that are not right for your needs.

Consider Your Preferred Type of Cooking

Think about your needs when it comes to outdoor cooking. Consider if you want to cook primary on the hot summer days, or if you want your BBQ area to function all year. If your friends or relatives hang out there most of the time, getting a pizza oven would be a great option too so you can enjoy baking pizza together. Carefully choose from a variety of pizza oven options that would fit your outdoor space. Think if you’re going to feed a few people, or plan to throw large parties and invite crowds to your garden. You will also have to evaluate the needed type, size, and power of your grill.

Here are popular types of grills with their main features:

Charcoal Grill

It’s tough to beat the rich flavor of food grilled on a charcoal flame. Even if it’s not so easy and fast to light it up, you will be amazed by the taste of the meals you are about to prepare. They are available in various sizes and prices. You can opt for a grill made from stone and has a chimney, or if you need a secondary grilling option – a portable charcoal grill will be the best choice.

Electric Grill

This is a perfect alternative for small spaces like a balcony. They can also be used inside the house. Just make sure that you have an electrical outlet nearby. The electric grill can be small, so its price won’t be too high.

Natural Gas Grill

Natural gas is one of the most popular options for outdoor grilling enthusiasts. The maintenance cost is lower compared to other grills, but the initial price is relatively higher. For this investment, you will need to decide whether you want to buy refillable gas tanks every time you will run out of the last one, or if you’re going to invest in a direct gas line hookup.


Choosing your first outdoor cooking station can be a pleasure if you only consider your basic needs and possibilities. Setting the budget and measuring the BBQ area’s space are the primary keys to choosing the best equipment.

There are various types of grills, and all of them have their advantages and limitations. It is crucial to know whether you want to cook outdoors just from time to time or every Sunday. It would help if you also considered how many guests you will have. For occasional grilling, a small portable grill will be enough. And no matter what kind of grill you will choose to become a real BBQ master, all you need is a passion for cooking!

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