Tips On Finding A New Home In Middletown


A New Home In Middletown

Middletown has a highly competitive market, with homes having an average selling time of 21 days. Most receive multiple offers from buyers, while hot homes sell above 2% of the list price.

Those statistics indicate the high demand for homes in the quaint town of Middletown, Delaware. It possesses a charm of its own, combining the feel of a suburb with the amenities of a big city.

There are several new homes in Middletown where the amenities inspire a feeling of togetherness among the residents. You will come across walking trails, a lake house, and other facilities to guarantee a higher quality of life.

Here are some details one will find helpful while searching for a home there.

Some Reasons To Live In Middletown

Reasons To Live In Middletown

There are several avenues for entertainment, shopping, and fun. People could head out with their family and friends on any given day and have a good time.

Since safety is a prime concern for most people moving into a new place, the city also delivers satisfactorily. It has a low crime rate, with the chances of someone being a victim of violent crime being as low as 1 in 346.

It is also one of the most tax-friendly places in Delaware, with a sales tax of 0%. You could buy anything you want without paying a single penny as tax. Further, the city has no tax on social security benefits.

It is also home to several parks, one of the famous of which is Charles Prince Memorial Park. It is famous for its Dog Park and walking trails that stretch to two miles.

Tips On Finding A House

These are some things to look for while finding a home in Middletown.

Home Designs

Home Designs

You might have a particular home design in mind or a design that appeals to you more than others. Some of the options you could choose from are jazz, cinema, and presidential series. These are all single-family homes in Middletown with varying costs, amenities, etc.

However, unlike other homes you usually come across in Delaware, these have unique characteristics. For example, the Presidential series homes are named after famous presidents with names such as Carter, Adams, Kennedy, and Grant.

The Jazz series houses get their names after famous artists like Fred Astaire, Duke Ellington, and Cab Calloway. Buying homes in the Cinema series is a good idea if you’re a cinema lover, as they are named after famous movie stars Sophia Loren, Clark Gable, Dana Andrews, and Marilyn Monroe.



After you have selected a house type, check the amenities available in the house. You could look for multi-purpose space in the home’s front and back yard, a master suite, walk-in closets, stainless steel appliances, and LVP flooring in the kitchen.

The amenities will differ from home to home, so it’s better to check beforehand, along with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and total area in terms of square feet.

Buying A House In A Planned Community


Rather than finding standalone homes in a building, buying a house in a Planned Community is better. Middletown in Delaware has several home communities, but before choosing one, you should consider its amenities, facilities, and other aspects that let you lead a comfortable life.

The community should have carefully designed houses where every element creates a welcoming space, fostering community friendships. It should encourage friendly neighborhood pastimes usually not found in apartment complexes or residential apartments.

You should also take the location into account. How far is the house from the popular schools in Middletown? The most famous school district, Appoquinimink School District, is situated about 2.7 miles from Middletown and involves a six minutes drive.

Does it have facilities like a private lake house and open spaces with miles of walking and biking trails?

You have several types of new homes in Middletown that you could choose from. They have unique themes and are constructed of premium materials using the best construction equipment. Their cutting-edge features and energy-efficient design will endear them to you at first sight.

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