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Sump Pump

We cannot deny that sump pumps are crucial, especially for homes that often experience rains and heavy snow. Thinking about flooded basements make you cringe, but what about water damage as its aftermath? Can you imagine a home without a properly functioning sump pump?

Investing in one is good; however, you should remember that you have to know how to do proper maintenance to make this investment last longer. Sump pumps are equipment that needs frequent checking and safeguarding too. Hence, we have prepared useful tips that you can do to make sure your sump pump is well taken care of.

How to Properly Maintain Your Sump Pump

Know When It Needs Checking and Maintenance

This will vary according to your sump pump application and frequency of operation. If you live in a place that demands constant or frequent use, it is wise to check on it from time to time. Those who have water drained from the laundry area may need to have it checked and cleaned every month. This is because the water coming out from it may be soapy and grubby, so the chances of it shortening your sump pump life are more likely.

Simple Quarterly Sump Pump Maintenance

We only get to see how effective a sump pump is when there is water to drain. However, during the summer or sunny weather, we barely notice its existence because the need is not there. This doesn’t mean we should leave it until the moment it stops functioning.

To make sure your sump pump is running well despite the need for it, you can perform quarterly checking and maintenance. Before performing maintenance on your sump pump, make sure that it is turned off and disconnected from the power supply. After that, you can now remove the sump pumps’ screen or inlet.

As you clean the sump pump, water may drain from the basin, so practice a bit of caution when doing so. After cleaning it, you can fill the basin with water so it has water to drain when you switch it on again.

Annual Sump Pump Maintenance

Those who do quarterly checking will still have to perform an annual checking because this is a more precise and comprehensive process. You can start by checking the source of the pump. This should be well connected to the GFCI or the ground fault circuit interrupter to ensure it operates safely.

After securing this, you can then move to inspect the cord for any signs of wear and tear or any other damage type. Ensure that the sump pump is properly positioned upright and leveled; feel the vibrations allow the machine to force water out of the pump. If in case the float shifts out of place, make sure to fix it accordingly.

After this, you can then proceed to fill the basin with water to have it running. Once you are sure that there is no malfunctioning sign, you can take the pump out of the basin and clean the grate located at the bottom part. It is important to keep this clean to avoid debris from piling up and disrupting its functioning.

Lastly, check on the drainage pipes and make sure that all the joints are connected properly. Check that the water is draining to the correct drainage system. After securing that it is draining properly to the right location, the last step would be to check that the vent hole does not have any debris.

If your pump has a backup power source, make sure that the batteries are in good shape and running. Usually, batteries need replacements every 2 or 3 years. If you see that there are signs of malfunctioning, you can turn to seek professional help here.

Signs That You Need to Check Your Sump Pump

Some circumstances may indicate a problem with your sump pump. Sometimes, it can be due to old age, existing clogs, debris, or a possible replacement need. If you notice no water in the sump pit, you have clogged switches and pumps, unusual sump pump noise, no power, consistent flooding, or the sump pump is running continuously; then, you should know that it needs intervention.


A sump pump is a good investment for every home. Since this only operates when needed, it may be tricky to determine whether a problem exists or not. As a wise homeowner, it is recommended that you do proper checking and maintenance.

By having regular check-ups and maintenance procedures regularly, you prolong your sump pump’s life, and you spare yourself from unnecessary problems in the future. Always remember that a good and well-functioning sump pump can keep your basement warm and dry at all times.

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  1. My sister would like to have her home’s well pumped because it’s starting to produce an ugly smell. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance of draining it regularly. We’ll also keep in mind to maintain it routinely.

  2. My mother noticed that her sump pump is already clogged, and that is why she has decided to start looking for repair service. Thank you for sharing here as well that preventive maintenance will be able to avoid further problems. I also agree with you that ist vents must be fixed.


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