Tips On Shopping Bed Linen


As the cup is for the saucer and water is for the jug, bed linens are for the bed. Not giving its due importance but bed linen impacts the décor of the room as well. Bed linen has to be bought, keeping in mind a lot of things. Too many people, unimportant it may seem, yet the colors, designs, and fabric of the bed linen makes a lot of difference to the bedroom-its décor, style, and theme. That is why it is important to choose the perfect bed linen for the bedroom.

Bed Linen Floral

With so many lifestyle retailers, it has made it really possible for homemakers to choose various lifestyle products that will suit their respective lifestyles. Now the point here is that there are many places where they can buy their bed linen for their home. There are so many retailers’ chains and brands available along with local shops, handloom emporiums across cities, and thus plenty of options to choose from. Now here are some tips which can help you in shopping the bed linen:

Modern Bed Linen

Like any other thing you shop for, the bed linens need to have a set budget. The reason is choices available you can get branded bed linens of Louie Vuitton, Guess, and many such high label brands to local shop producing their finest collection. And each has its brand value attached to it. So always you must have a budget just like you buy electronics, consumer durables, etc.

When buying bed linen, make a checklist of



Texture and Fabric

Size as per your bed

It would help if you did not compromise on anything.

Bed Linen design

The bed linens need to be bought as per the theme like for nursery, teenage room, toddler room, girl’s room, boy’s room, master bedroom, guest’s room, etc.

I would share a personal tip that you must buy color coordinating and not matching when you are buying bed linens for the bedroom. If you opt for a mix and match, it will enhance your home’s whole décor and make your room vibrant. Mix and match is the best possible combination in the bedroom.

Blue Bed Linen

Also, when selecting bed linens, it is important to see the fabric and the season. Cotton bed linens are best in summer, whereas silk can be great during winters. In the rainy season, you can opt for synthetic mix fabric such that it dries faster.

You can choose darker colors for the master bedroom, choose according to you and your spouse’s favorite color.

Red Bed Linen

Again a personal tip, bed linens which are simple look much better. Don’t go for stuff that will make the bed look like a cluttered floral wall. Bed linen must be such that it is inviting to relax and take a breather from a long day of work.

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  1. When I shop I choose based on design, color and lastly the texture, but I honestly go for designs first which sometimes leads me to buying low quality texture 🙁


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