Tips On Solar Panel Maintenance And Cleaning


Solar Panel Cleaning

With most people being made aware of the benefits of renewable energy, the number of people installing solar panels has increased. That is why people need to know how they can take care of their panels for maximum efficiency. When your solar panel has been installed well, it requires little maintenance. Still, you will have to maintain and clean it to enjoy long-term benefits. A well-maintained solar system also performs well with high energy output. Although solar panels are strong with zero or few moving parts, outside elements can affect their efficiency. Therefore, be prepared to clean off dust, debris, and falling branches from time to time. Another thing to take into consideration in order for your solar panels to last longer is the prevention of any type of pests that will cause damage. Aussie Gutter Protection company can give you products such as bird proofing to give protection and prevention of damage to your solar panels.

How Can You Tell When Your Solar Panel Needs Cleaning And Maintenance

Once you have decided to go with solar power AZ, you have to maintain your panels. You can monitor the system regularly, taking note of its production. If there has been a dip from the normal output levels, your panels may need cleaning or repair. Depending on where you live, your panel may require regular cleaning more than often. For instance, for people staying in areas with a lot of dust and smog or near a freeway, the panels will get dirty faster. Cleaning will often help with that. Also, note that panels mounted on the ground are easier to clean. However, when they are on the roof, it can be challenging, and you might need professional services for that.

Solar Panel Cleaning

All types of solar panels need to be cleaned to ensure no dirt prevents the panel from giving out the maximum output. Here are some pointers to help make your cleaning process easier.

  • There are solar cleaning kits on the market that make the job easy to do. The kit comes with biodegradable soap, a wiper, or a brush with a long handle. It also has an instruction manual on how to mix the soap. If dirt has built up, you can first use water and brush to remove it.
  • For an easy time, wet the solar panels first so that any dirt and debris stuck can get off quickly.
  • Ensure you do not use harsh products when cleaning the panels as they may cause damage or reduce efficiency. Repair is not cheap.
  • Avoid using an abrasive sponge that may scratch the glass. Stick to soft rags and sponges.
  • If you usually clean your panels, then your job is easier. This is because not a lot of dirt has accumulated, so using your hose and clean water is enough.
  • When cleaning panels on the roof, never step on them. Get a wiper with a long handle that will be able to reach all the angles. Also, be careful on the roof. With water pouring all over the roof, it can get slippery.

Avoid Shading

When installing solar panels in your home, the installation company will analyze the site and pick a location where the panel receives direct sunlight. However, after that, you must ensure that new towering trees do not block the sun from getting to the panels. You do not have to cut down the trees, but you will have to trim them from time to time when they start shading the panels.

Do not forget to check the inverter display daily, ensuring it is working properly and the green light is on. Record the system’s output as well to monitor how it is performing. Modern inverters come with monitoring software, making the job easier for you.

Your solar panels will not only last you a long time when they are clean, but they will also work efficiently and power your home well.

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