Tips On Updating Your Home For Springtime


Updating Your Home

After the cold and bleak months of winter, springtime brings renewal and rejuvenation. When the sunshine and warmth of spring finally hit, many people find themselves envigored to take their newfound energy and direct it into their homes.

For some, this may mean removing hordes of clutter and organizing with a thorough spring cleaning. For others, giving an update to their rooms for spring may breathe new life into them and help bring the season of change into the rooms of their home.

Spring is also a great season for homeowners looking to sell their homes, especially when working with the top Toronto real estate agents around. Regardless, if you’re looking to refresh your home for personal use or for staging for resale, here are some great ideas for updating and decorating your home for spring!

Use Bright Colours

After the dark and gloomy skies of winter, spring is all about brightness and a cheerful atmosphere, making it the perfect time to add these elements to your home. Giving your walls a fresh coat of light paint (even if it’s just refreshing white walls!) can help brighten a room and reflect light better on darker or dull walls.

For decoration, adding pastel or (if you’re feeling daring) bold shades such as blue, green, yellow, and more can help add pops of color into your home.

Add Greenery

As the expression goes, April showers bring May flowers. One of the many reasons springtime is so celebrated as the white blankets of snow leave the landscapes in favor of blooming greenery.

While there are many year-round house plants to choose from, like easy to care for succulents, some great spring-specific choices are daffodil, eucalyptus, tulips, and hyacinths! Decorating using flowers can be an easy way to add pops of color to a room, give it a naturally refreshing scent, and give you a wonderful statement piece to your tables or counters.

In addition to being pretty to look at, studies have shown that bringing in natural plant life and certain greenery can also help improve air quality, improve mood, and help increase productivity if used in a home-office environment.

Change Up The Artwork And Accents

A great way to change up the room’s design without needing any renovations is to swap out the artwork you keep on the walls. This not only allows for a change of color in the space but also provides new and stimulating décor to keep your room feeling bright and new.

This idea isn’t limited to paintings and prints either!

This idea can also be applied to gallery walls or family photos, which can be swapped out for alternate seasonal memories of spring with your family.

You can even renew rooms like the bathroom by changing out items like your shower curtain and towels for more bright and seasonal accent prints.

Functional And Fashionable Storage

Springtime means spring cleaning! But not all your clutter needs to get tossed to the curb. Adding storage to a room can not only be extraordinarily useful but stylish as well! Using items like woven baskets, blanket ladders, and furniture pieces with built-in storage can help change up the look of a room while proving useful for a room’s clutter.

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