Tips: Painting The Exterior Of Your Home


Painting the exterior of a house can make the whole property look much better quickly. However, when you are ready to get the exterior painting done, selecting the right color seems slightly difficult. When the appropriate color gives your home a high-class value and appeals a large boost, the wrong color might overwhelm your home’s architecture or may leave it with a boring and flat appearance. The following are 3 important tips you should use to pick the right paint color to get the job done.

  1. Keep Your Home’s History In Mind

Yellow Front Door

This Master Painter recommends, begin with considering a nice color for your home’s exterior; you might want to keep your home’s history as an important point when selecting a color. If you reside in a home that has been for years, it would be a good idea to select a color scheme that is historically enlightening and accurate. Even if you are not sure of the home’s original color, you conduct a little research to find out the common shades used in the era when the house was first built.

  1. Look At Other Homes In Your Neighborhood

Home Exterior Design

Another tip to keep in mind before selecting a paint color for the exterior is looking at other houses in your neighborhood. You would not want to paint your home in a color that will clash a lot with other houses in your neighborhood in maximum cases. However, this fails to mean that you have to select the same colors they have used for their homes. Select a shade that can make your home stand out from the rest by making sure that your home won’t pop out like a sore thumb, clashing with almost every home around it.

  1. Consider Your Landscaping

Beautiful Exterior Home Repainting

While trying to choose a suitable paint color, keep in mind your landscaping.  Pay attention to the landscaping to receive some ideas from the surrounding. For instance, if your home is surrounded by plenty of trees, earth shades may look amazing on your home’s exterior. If your water is near your home, turquoises and blues make beautiful and gorgeous colors to consider.

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  1. Wow what a beautiful pictures and all tips are useful and helpful. i read all your blog and it is very informative. I appreciate the author who have write these awesome tips.

  2. There are many ways to choose on what colors to apply and one of the best is to spend on a specialist or painting contractors to come to your house and provide you a perspective. Aside from color suggestion they can also provide quotation for the project.

  3. I agree, professional painters are trained in the use of color and have lots of experience taking jobs from conception to final results. They can easily visualize what the color on the paint chip will look like when applied to a large area like your house!

  4. Very useful tips and coupled with great pictures to illustrate the exterior paint project ideas. Color makes a statement so choosing the right color(s) can make a big difference in the curb appeal of your home.

  5. I would say any time you can actually guide some-one with a home construction project it will be the best thing to do . Thanks and I’m certain a number of people welcome the assistance .

  6. I hate the brick on our home.I thought about painting it.I have seen several that were painted and they looked good.I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on it And maybe were to start.Thanks

  7. Really an amazing work. All the images are awesome. Thanks for sharing such a nice and cool exterior painting colors idea.

  8. All of the more time I stay at home, I get more convinced that our house exterior needs to be repainted. It’s such good insight to consider the color scheme of neighboring houses as you would not want to blend in too much while also not stick out undesirably. I’d have to be more detailed with the painting service about the type of colors I’d want to use.

  9. I like your exterior painting tips. I need someone to paint my siding. I’ll have to consider getting someone with the right tools to help out.


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