Tips To Bring Your House Into The 21st Century


Do you want a more modern home? Would you like to simplify your life from the living room to the kitchen? With the internet and new gadgets and technology today, doing just that isn’t too hard. This means you can either control your house from afar, monitor things remotely, or be guided in a process you are trying to learn or master. Whether you’re cooking or cleaning or securing your home, there’s an app for that. Add one or two bits of technology to your house or a dozen; there’s more than enough to choose from when it comes to smartening up your home.

No More Measuring Twice

Tips To Bring Your House Into The 21st Century

When you’re cooking and baking, it’s a good rule to measure your ingredients twice, but a smart scale makes that process obsolete. Connected to an app that you display on your phone or tablet, add the component you’re working with, and follow along on the screen. Those new to baking and seasoned pros will both benefit from the exact measurements of their ingredients that will have their recipes working to perfection.

Don’t Miss A Thing

Home Security Risks Infographic

Security cameras have been around for quite some time, and so has motion activation for many home devices. So whether you want to install a full-scale security system or get a little extra control, you can now get cameras. That covers all of your bases with integrated audio that not only records but can be triggered by sound to start recording. There are many reasons to choose ADT alarm systems, and current generation cameras are wireless in most packages. This means you can record to the cloud and have USB ports for local recording as well. Easy to install since there are no tools involved, you’ll be monitoring your home and recording it all in no time flat.

Light It Up

Remote Control Your Home

For quite a while, you’ve been able to put your lights on timers or even clap to have them come on and go off, but light bulbs themselves have reached a whole new level. Smart light bulbs allow you to remotely turn them on, off, dim them, and even change the color depending on what brand you buy. They can also integrate into a whole smart home system, allowing for voice commands as you enter and exit rooms; no need to bother with silly light switches anymore.

There are hundreds of items you can add to your home to bring it into the future, so to speak, so you can enhance almost any area of your life that you’d like. Whole house smart home systems encompass many of the aspects you might want, so be sure to check out the options before purchasing individual devices.

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