Tips To Clean Shaggy Carpets And Prevent Indoor Air Pollution


Carpet Cleaning

Shaggy carpets are in trend because of their style, comfort, and softness. Caring and cleaning these carpets may appear challenging. It is not difficult to clean these rugs. You can get the assistance of reliable Carpet Cleaning Services to clean your rugs. With this high pile carpet, you can create a retro vibe in your home. The cushy and thick surface becomes welcoming for your toes.

In the den, living or family room, you can use lush shaggy rugs as a bizarre accessory. These rugs have a floppy, long pile; therefore, it is intimidating to wash. There is nothing to worry because cleaning is not difficult. If you want to clean this rug, here are some tips for you:

Clean Loos Dirt

Shaggy Carpet Cleaning

For shaggy carpet cleaning, take this rug outside, hang it on a sawhorse or railing. Beat this rug with a mop handle or broom to release trapped debris, dust, and dirt. Leave your carpet in a sunny place for numerous hours. The hot rays of the sun can kill dust mites and bacteria. These items thrive in soft things like carpeting and bedding.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaning machine is available on rent, or you can buy one. You have to steam-clean your shaggy rugs twice a year to remove stain and debris. Hot water, steam-cleaning machine, and carpet detergents can clean your carpet in a better way.

After cleaning, you will need a fan to dry your carpet. Shaggy rugs absorb lots of water and may stay damp for many days.


Carpet Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum your shag rugs as needed, such as weekly or daily. If you have pets and children, you must vacuum your carpet every day. To clean your carpet, set the head of a vacuum to high piles. Make sure to buy a vacuum with adjustable cleaning head. If the suction of the vacuum is too strong, you will not need a powerhead.

With vacuum, you can suck out the dirt thoroughly. Remember, dirt is dangerous for the fibers of a vacuum. Avoid using the powerhead or beater bar of vacuum on shaggy rugs. With its whirling action, it can tear out, pull, or snap strands. Keep it in mind that a household vacuum with different hose attachments can be helpful in air duct cleaning. There is no harm in investing in an advanced vacuum.

Occasional Spills

Carpet Cleaning

Use an absorbent or light-color rag, such as a paper towel or terry facecloth to soak up spill instantly. Rinse your carpet, squeeze out maximum moisture and continue to drench the spill. Make sure to use a white rag to avoid the risk of transferring color from rag to carpet.

Dry Shampooing

Dry Shampooing

Absorbent granules of carpet-shampoo are best for occasional freshening. Brush or work the granules into a carpet with cleaning-head bristles of vacuum. There is no need to turn on your appliance. Wait for almost one hour to let the shampoo sit. After an hour, you can vacuum all the granules out carefully.


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