Tips To Conceal Clutter



Clutter is part and parcel of every home. You need to work on continuously to ensure that your home is clutter-free. Here are the tips through which you can manage to conceal of your clutter!


Curtains can be used to close off the space when it is a mess. Close off curtains to hide the mess. (bad idea but at least temporary relief)


The laundry room is one of the clutter zones of the home. Disguise laundry room with sliding doors which are in bright colors.


Have storage furniture which is beautiful outside but functional inside. Hide off the busy spots with door fronted furniture.

You can save the gift boxes which are good looking and sturdy to store papers, trinkets, and small little stuff.


Window seats can be more useful other than sitting when you have built-in storage underneath it.

Conceal the recycling bins with the cabinet facades.


In your garage, you can have the hooks to hang all the stuff such that you can park your car inside the garage.

Furniture which can do double duty like a tufted ottoman which can be added storage is an excellent idea.

Cover the desk with a beautiful table cloth till floor-length, and you can hide underneath the file cabinet and the wastebasket.

If you have a spare closet, convert it into the additional kitchen cabinet.


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