Tips To Decor Your Vacation Rental Property


Vacation Rental Property

Vacation rentals need to be decorated just like any other property. Proper decorations mean that the appeal of the property increases, but having more decorations doesn’t necessarily mean a better property. You don’t even have to splurge on expensive stuff, as sometimes affordable items are just as good, if not better. However, it does take some careful curation to make sure your property is as appealing and as comfortable as possible.

  1. Maximize Sleeping Areas

When people are traveling, they mostly intend on visiting specific locations and discovering as much as possible. That means they might not even have enough time to spend on your property. You should always keep track of where people are coming from with the help of a short term rental software so that you are aware of what they might need the most. That usually translates into sufficient sleeping areas because, most of the time, they might not have time for anything else. Focus your decorations around providing great sleeping areas so that they’ll feel refreshed when waking up. This is one of the most important parts of providing a good property because people tend to form their opinions immediately after waking up. You don’t want them disliking the sleeping areas because that might mean they’ll leave dissatisfied.

  1. Aim For Comfort And Durability

Comfort should be a priority for any kind of property where people live, either permanently or temporarily. Being comfortable is one of the pillars of having a great time when visiting any place. However, durability often gets neglected in favor of flashiness. You don’t have to get the most durable and expensive furniture, even if you use a short term rental income calculator to maximize your earnings in order to be able to afford it. Sometimes even simple tricks like putting slipcovers on the sofa or using area rugs can be extremely effective. People tend to come back from long hikes with their shoes caked in mud or even sit on the sofa with wet towels, and you want to isolate specific cleaning and maintenance issues.

  1. Big Dining Tables

One of the most important and usually neglected tips is to get a big dining table. Such tables are typically not only for eating, even though a bigger one will accommodate more people. Large tables also tend to be social gathering spots where people play social games or even just hang out. You don’t have to get an enormous one, just one that can accommodate more than two or three people. A modular table is typically a good choice because it’s convertible and can fit with several styles of décor.

  1. Don’t Neglect The Outdoor Area

If you have an outdoor area, even a terrace or balcony, it needs to feel like an extension of the indoor part. Too often, renters forget that a lot of people prefer sitting outside, even if the weather isn’t ideal, and neglect the outdoor area. Besides standard outdoor decorations, such as flowers, you’ll definitely want to add a conversation spot where people can sit down and socialize. A good table with several chairs should be the absolute minimum because a lot of guests might even want to eat outside.

  1. Aim For General Appeal

The property you’re renting might be a second home to you, so you might not want to change its style because it appeals to you. That is a good idea to stand by, and no one is saying you should drastically change your property’s look. What this means is that you should remove anything that only a few people would like, such as unusual art choices, bright colors, or even weird textile choices. This one is a little subjective, but the overall idea is to be a little conservative with the art style of the property so that more people will like it instead of less.

  1. Make Sure The Lighting Is More Than Adequate

Vacation Property

People really dislike when the lighting of any property is less than ideal. That might include things such as relying only on the overhead light at night. Someone might prefer to read before bed, so including a light next to every bed is a must. An inconvenience like that drastically changes the guest’s opinion of the property. Making sure that the kitchen is well-lit is also a must. Good lighting allows for avoiding any mishaps in the kitchen because those tend to be very harmful to the guests and the property itself. The bathroom and washroom also need really good lighting, and people tend to immediately notice if they’re not lit well.

There are tons of small things you can do to improve the overall look and feel of the property. The décor is one of the most important parts of a property’s overall vibe, so make sure you go room by room and evaluate if something needs changing.

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