Tips To Decorate Your Modular Kitchen On A Budget


Modular Kitchen

The idea behind having a modular kitchen is to manage space as efficiently as possible. However, even this confined space must be visually appealing, display quality, and possess wonderful functionality. Fortunately, it is possible to achieve everything, even on a limited budget. Just follow our tips.

  1. The Kitchen Floor

Go for something affordable. For instance, if you were to go to this website and click vinyl flooring and you would find whatever you need in the form of planks, sheets, or tiles. Similarly, linoleum, plain/patterned ceramic tiles or laminates are good options. If none of the above satisfies you, you may opt for industrial-looking, stained concrete. Suffice to say; all require less maintenance.

  1. The Room’s Design

The shape of your cooking space should align with the amount of space available, manner of usage, and budget. Towards this end, you may decide upon a U-shape, L-shape, island-shaped, parallel, or corridor style.

Other things that you must consider include less/more counter space, baking area, storage for bone china and cutlery, area for refrigerator, etc.

  1. The Cabinets

They need to be durable and pleasant in appearance. Your color choices may stretch to pastel hues, all-white, two-toned themes, plain black, etc.

The cabinets may be aluminum/steel if durability is a major consideration. Even PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheets comprise composite, strong plastic. No substrate comes into play during installation. PVC sheets comprising molding and faux wood grains provide a wood finish.

Colorful and easy-to-maintain laminates are a great choice, too.

If you want an elegant, all-wood look, go in for wood veneers. They refer to slim wooden sheets pasted onto plywood or MDF. These veneers are resistant to both insects and moisture.

Wall cabinets permit overhead space for storage. Alternatively, they may rest on the floor. The work surface area comes on top. As for the opening and closing of your cabinets, you may choose good-looking yet functional shutters.

  1. The Countertop

Ensure that the raw materials for creating it promise durability and low maintenance. Granite is a good choice, for it is easy to keep clean. It is also highly resistant to stains and heat. Marble is also cost-effective, but the stains do not rub off easily. Other choices are black limestone and wood.

  1. The Backsplash

Porcelain or ceramic tiles with innovative designs on them should do the trick! The designs could be traditional or modern. They award some brightness, texture, and freshness to your kitchen. Other tiles choices include terracotta, glass, steel, or tiles with metallic finishes (aluminum, copper, brass).

Miscellaneous Tips

Even a small modular kitchen may be bright and cheerful! Therefore, add some color in the form of grease- and heat-resistant wallpaper or painted walls.

Plan the requisite space for gas stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc. You will also need extra space for new appliances. Maybe, you could use floating shelves.

Add that extra touch of glamor via classic knobs (ceramic, metal, wooden, glass). Add some arty pieces to the walls.

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