Tips To Get The Best Value From Your Utility Survey


Utility Survey

A utility survey is an essential process before the beginning of any construction project. If you are currently looking to get one, you probably want to get the best value out of it. But how do you achieve that? In this read, we are going to take a closer look at some of the things to look out for:

Allow adequate time and always get the utility mapping UK plans before seeking a survey. We have come across far too many parties asking for a full physical survey before going through an updated utility mapping plan. It’s always wise to check the records first as it helps you procure based on the right survey extend and also save money by limiting the procedure to places of interest instead of the entire site footprint. Keep in mind that utility records need to be no more than 90 days old in order to comply with PAS 128.

Give the survey company the utility records. This allows the survey team to review the mappings and determine how many services they’re looking for and the location. Also, it helps them determine how much time they might spend on site searching for the utility plant based on constraints and congestion. This allows them to quote a competitive and realistic budget as they know exactly what to look for.

Include a red line boundary plan showing the site that requires surveying. Ensure this includes the entire site region, any roads, and footpaths, as well as areas of interest. An example is adjacent footpaths or a crossover that is likely to be disturbed during construction.

Identify whether the survey is meant to trace utilities or find other obstructions. By doing this, you will be able to determine which PAS 18 Survey method is more suitable for your site. This will allow the survey company to use the right techniques. However, if you want to find other underground obstructions like old pipe caps and underground tanks, you will need to implement post-processing techniques.

What are the site constraints? It is important to know any spots in the construction site that the survey team may not be able to access, such as stored materials and overgrown vegetation. Also, ensure you tell them about any health and safety hazards on the site.

Review the quotations to ascertain ‘’like for like’’ survey services are quoted. Lastly, compare prices to ascertain things like weekend working, traffic management, post-processing, lead times, durations, 3D or 2D CAD plans, and output quality have been included in the final quote. The survey area matches your requirements.

With these tips, you should get the best value from your utility survey.

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