Tips To Incorporating Western Decor And Western Rugs Into Your Home


For months, you’ve been thinking about giving your home a makeover. You think that a change of scenery can help lighten up the mood inside the house and create new spaces which you thought didn’t exist before. Doing some makeover in your home can also become an avenue to let your creativity shine. However, incorporating western décor and western rugs into your home has become a challenge for you. You don’t know what to do with these things in order to achieve a Western theme in your home. So instead of having a makeover at home, you end up getting stuck. To help you with your dilemma, here are some tips to help you incorporate western décor and rugs into your home:

  1. Work The Palette

Western Rugs

When you think of the western culture, hues of brown would immediately come into the picture. And using colors is one of the easiest way to bring a western feeling inside your home. Aside from hues of brown, different palettes which can be seen in nature like cactus greens, big sky blues, sunset reds and oranges are also excellent options for your home. You can have these colors in your walls and furniture. With your western décors and western rugs, purchase ones which have colors that complement your theme. This simple change can set the western mood throughout your home.

  1. Think Small

Western Style Rugs

Whenever people hear the word “home makeover”, they would immediately think that they need a large space or expensive items to follow any theme. This is a misconception. In fact, you can have a western theme in your home by making small adjustments. You can start by replacing your cloth rugs with western style rugs; or your colorful printed decors with western decors. You can also hang old photos and artifacts from the Old West in your walls. These pieces are more than enough to lead your home in a western direction.

  1. Think Naturally

Old Crow Red Western Style Rug

You don’t need to go to another state or country before you can fully embrace a western-themed home. Remember that the western culture made use of nature as their decors – and you can also do the same in your home. Make use of plants as your centerpieces and animal bones such as antlers as your wall decors. Look for materials that are natural in your area and use these creatively in your home. Think out of the box and for sure, you’ll be able to add these pieces in different parts of your home.

  1. Use Native Inspiration

Transformation Mask

If you have the time, watch documentaries and movies which have a Western plot. You can get many ideas from these sources. For starters, you can start by purchasing rugs and blankets which are inspired by the Navajo pottery; kachinas and Hopi Basketry from Zuni fetishes and transformation masks from the different tribes of the Pacific Northwest. If your budget won’t allow it, consider doing all of these as DIY projects. Not only are these cheaper but this will allow you to add your own personal touches in these items.

  1. Hang Some Art

Western Artwork

There are several artists who are associated with the American West. If you have the time and for it, scout for art pieces similar to the original works. You can find affordable prints and posters in various galleries and online sources. Nothing can translate a Western culture better than these artworks!

Less Is More

Regardless of where and how you were influenced by the western culture, there are many ways on how you can use that inspiration in your home. You can showcase a western theme in your bedroom, dining area, and your entire home regardless of your style and preference. And no, having a western theme at home doesn’t have to be expensive. Simple pieces like western decors and rugs can go a long way. You just have to be careful and creative about placing these in your home!


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