Tips To Maintain the Wooden Flooring during Summer


It is such a scorching heat these days! The wooden flooring is practical and popular form of flooring I home which offers luxury ad ease of integration.

Wooden flooring adds great aesthetic appeal and air of regal and elegance however wooden flooring means you need to take proper care and make sure of maintenance especially during the seasonal changes so as to preserve the wooden flooring.

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During the summer season one has to look for hazards of the wooden flooring to prevent them from all wearing out. Maintenance during the summer seasons it very important to ensure that wooden flooring last longer. During the summer even most careful installed wooden floors can expand and at times there can be cup or even buckle because of the high moisture content and there is high relative humidity in air.

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Tips to maintain the wooden flooring during the summer season:


Use vacuum to clean than sweeping the floor. Vacuum is able to pull out the dirt and dust from the boards.

Also when you use the vacuum you must use it with bare floor attachment not vacuum beater bar which will be able to damage wood.

How to clean a wood floor with vinegar and water

One important thing to do during summer is that wooden flooring should not get exposed to direct sunlight thus use the sheers, or the blinds to protect the wooden flooring from getting discolored. Direct sunlight can result in reduction in oxidation and aging of the wood.

If you install a dehumidifier in room which has wooden flooring it will be great as it will create agreeable humidity level for the floor and thus reduce risk of floor warping.

Cleaning of floor

Avoid getting dirt in your floor as it will become ugly and lose its shine. Use small mats so that it prevents dirt from getting further in your house.

On furniture you can attach glue like pads such that there is avoiding of scraping when it is moved.


Detergents for floor cleaningRemember don’t use the wax, or detergents and any oil based soap on floor as it will damage finish of floor and difficult to maintain.

Don’t use mixture of water and vinegar as vinegar will have oxidizing effect on floor.

Use products which are specifically designed for the floor.

Never pour water directly on the floor as its evaporation will cause stains. Use damp cloth to wipe spills and mop the floor.


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