Tips To Maintain Your Furnace This Winter


“Breathe clean, save time, save money, and keep your family warm with a well-maintained furnace.”

The chilling winter season is knocking at our doors, and while we have pulled out our sweaters and jackets from the storage box to keep ourselves warm during this season, the one thing that we need to focus on immediately is the condition of our furnace. Winter in America without a furnace cannot be imagined; with snowfall outside, the only thing that keeps us warm indoors in the heat of the furnace. Undoubtedly, it is the primary source of heat in our home, intensely thrusting hot air into our rooms and making them warm and cozy.

Tips To Maintain Your Furnace

How to take care of your furnace before the onset of the winter season? What are the steps you must take to ensure the smooth working of the furnace and the tips to maintain it? This article will broadly throw light on all these aspects and help you understand furnace maintenance needs in detail.

Winters without a furnace cannot be imagined, but a dirty and poorly maintained furnace can be the storehouse of harmful gases and diseases. Thus, you need to perform a complete furnace servicing activity for one in three months. Here, we will not only discuss furnace maintenance but also learn about how to select a service provider for the maintenance activity.

A Furnace Takes Care Of Us In Many Ways; Thus, Its Maintenance Is Essential: –

  1. Maintenance enhances the efficiency of the furnace.
  2. Annual maintenance reduces the cost of repair, and a well-maintained furnace uses less energy; thus, you spend less on electricity bills.
  3. A winter without a furnace is unimaginable; a well-maintained furnace ensures that it keeps running throughout the winter season, without a breakdown.
  4. Maintenance extends the overall life expectancy of the furnace.
  5. Most importantly, it keeps you and your family safe and protected from the cold.

With such excellent benefits of a furnace, it is essential to focus on maintaining the furnace. Lack of maintenance and continuous usage can damage the furnace and lead to high repair costs; thus, it is crucial to perform a periodical maintenance check to ensure that your furnace is ready to beat the cold without interruption.

So, to reduce the cost of furnace repair and extend the efficiency and life expectancy of your furnace, here are few easy and useful tips.

  1. Get Your Furnace Cleaned Annually.

Get Your Furnace Cleaned

A dirty furnace will absorb more fuel and emit less heat compared to a dust-free furnace. We agree that cleaning the furnace can be a tedious task, so hire a technician, to perform a deep cleaning activity of the furnace once a year, preferably before the onset of winter. A dirty furnace will only increase your electricity bill, so call the A1 refrigeration and Airconditioning vendors and get your furnace and its filters cleaned and shining like new.

  1. Ensure That The Thermostat Is Working Correctly.

The health of the thermostat determines the efficiency of the furnace. Check if the thermostat matches the temperature of the house. Inaccurate calibration of the thermostat can impact the performance of the furnace. If your home does not heat instantly as per the set temperature, it indicates a weak thermostat.

  1. Is Your Control Valve Working?

Furnce Control Valve

If your furnace is not generating adequate heat, then it might be due to a valve issue. The valve is positioned on the supply line of the gas furnace. Before calling the technician, check if the valve button is ‘ON,’ and the gas is free to pass through the furnace, to produce adequate heat.

  1. Keep The Drainage Tube Cleaned.

Furnaces usually dispense a small amount of water as they produce heat; this water gets drained from a drip pan that is a part of the air conditioner. Thus, if the drainage tube is clogged, water will not be able to move out, and this might completely shut down the system. If the blockage seems severe, then call the experts and get it cleaned.

  1. Lubricate The Motor.

Lubricate The Motor

You need to add a few drops of oil every few months in the motor to keep the furnace in a good state.

  1. Check Is The Air Ducts For Leakages.

When you call our maintenance service provider, tell them to check the air ducts to see if any leaks or holes are there—the optimum performance of the air ducts is mandatory for the furnace heat generation capacity.

  1. Change Your Filters Before The Winter Season.

Change Your Filters

The filter is an important part of the furnace, and the furnace’s lifespan directly depends on the condition of the filters. Dirty filters will impact the performance of the motor, it will lead to overheating of the system, the energy consumption will also be higher, and most importantly, dirty or damaged filters will hamper the air quality produced by the furnace and will make your home smelly and unhealthy. Thus, periodic filter maintenance is a must; plan the maintenance schedule once in three months and allow your furnace to run smoothly.

  1. Hire A Professional For Regular Maintenance.

For a detailed maintenance activity, hire a professional service provider. A technician can only address the most complicated problems. Tasks like lack of motor lubrication, replacing and cleaning the filters, cleaning the duct, etc., can only be done by a technician. To avoid the high costs, fix periodic technician visits, and ensure that your furnace is maintained and does not require any repairs or replacements.

The best way is to get into a contract with the A1 vendors and get the best deal for furnace maintenance activity. To find reliable vendors, research online and check customer reviews, check if the vendor provides emergency service, and most importantly, the technicians must have a valid license that validates his skill.

The Bottom Line:

The winter season is soon approaching and, it’s time to get your furnace cleaned so that you and your family stay warm and protected from the harshness of the winter cold. We recommend you sign up with a reliable service provider and get your furnace repair done by the experts. Remember that if you do not maintain your furnace, the manufacturer might cancel all the warranty coverages.

If not appropriately maintained, Furnaces can be one of the top sources of deadly gases, like carbon monoxide, which can be deadly if inhaled continuously. Using the above tips, you can take care of your furnace and understand the issues that can impact your furnace’s smooth working. Remember, a furnace is maintained can be a blessing, and if not maintained, it can turn into the biggest liability.

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