Tips To Make A Perfect Feng Shui Comprising Home


Feng Shui Interiors

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice, literally translated as “wind” and “water,” which can scientifically maximize the beneficial movement of chi–the universal life force present in all things—by changing the atmosphere around us. Fresh chi nourishes our homes and our lives. When the flow of chi through our space is misdirected and not enough, cash inflow, creativity, health, and career can also be blocked. Chi needs space to travel around in peace and ease. When it flows too strongly, it becomes like a hurricane or flood. We may feel some crisis concerning money, friendship, relationship, or just life. Where chi is blocked, it becomes stagnant. We may feel tired, depressed, less focused, and we may not reap out enough of our efforts as we should.

Feng Shui Green Interiors

Feng Shui used at homes helps in developing a great sense of happiness, prosperity, and yours as well as your family’s wellness. It is a powerful method to achieve so much more in life with just correct placement of objects at home. Feng Shui follows specific rules for the perfect and positive effect of the science on you.


White Modern Dining Area Feng Shui

Kitchen is that area of the home which affects your money-making capacity. Kitchen’s cleanliness, friendly, and enough storage with an aptly stocked refrigerator are some essential points to remember. Also, fountains symbolize wealth and increase prosperity and positive energy.

Feng Shui Decoration

Colors play an important role in Feng Shui, both inside and outside oh home. The hues of the purple and red are considered as the lucky for attracting wealth and peace.

Table Top Bamboo

The most popular and inexpensive plant used at homes these days is Bamboo. Keep a bundle of four green bamboo shoots tied together with a red ribbon at the center table. It indicates solidarity and unity in the family.

Feng Shui Living Room

Clover plants with just four leaves are supposed to bring good luck in some way. Basil tree has a religious significance for Hindus. It is seen as a sign of purity. For home, it is said that Tulsi (as known in Hindi) plant purifies home from negative energy.

Feng Shui Curtains for Living Room

The front door of the house or any building should not be blocked by any hurdle to enter as then Chi gets blocked. The main entry should be designed to welcome, strengthen, and channel the incoming Feng Shui (Chi) energy throughout the whole house.

Get rid of clutter; clean your closets, basement, and garage frequently to stop the negative energy in your home.

Feng Shui Small Living Room

Keep living things such as the flowers and plants, fishes, etc. near the windows or in verandah as this will help energize home with the right energy. This brings good luck and prevents all sorts of diseases. It also helps in making the general mood happy and joyful. Aquariums attract wealth if rightly placed and taken good care.

Feng Shui Bedroom

The bed should be made of wood with a little breathing room under the bed as this leaves the beds with storage options as well as gets into the excellent Feng Shui category.

Feng Shui House Inspiration


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