Tips To Make Your Bedroom Look Cosy!

On May 2, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

Everyone loves their bed. It’s pretty much my favourite place in the world and to be honest no one would ever leave it if that was in any way socially acceptable. Why? Simply because bedsare so wonderful and cosy!

It doesn’t matter how limited the space you have in your house, you always have a “sigh of relief” because you have a bedroom! And, hopefully, your bed has just the right amount of pillows, “just” enough to make you feel cocooned without feeling smothered.

When you have your own bedroom, you have the complete liberty to spruce up the sanctuary of you, thereby making it work- whether you’d like the space to calm or sooth!

Here are some tips and tricks that would assist you to make your bedroom look cosy!

  • Starting with a Perfect “Blank Canvas”

Blank Canvas
When it comes to hues have an artistic instinct and design your bedroom accordingly. Simply designing a calm backdrop with neutral wall colours, subtle floor coverings and solid drapes would give you the opportunity to play with sheets, throw blankets and pillows. This type of timeless palette assists in taking the guesswork out of decorating and everything will fall into place!

  • Making It Comfy!

Making It Comfy
We can’t think of any other space than the bedroom where texture matters the most, which is why everything in your room should make you feel pampered and cosy. You can consider designing an incredibly luxurious and modern bedroom whilst keeping it warm. Simply add in some grass-cloth wall covering, a reclaimed wooden bed and a plush rug. The grass-cloth will give your bedroom an instant warmth and comfort because it “envelopes” you.

  • Investing In Bedding

Investing In Bedding
Since your bed is the one place in your bedroom where you’ll be spending most of the time, it would make sense to spend a bit more on pillows and sheets which feel incredible. White is not a must; instead you could opt for deeper hues, such as eggplant and amethyst as they are trendy and easy to maintain. We’d recommend going for materials that feel great, for instance create custom bedding with a mix of luxurious fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, silk or suede. Doesn’t it sound amazingly decadent to curl yourself up in suede during a chilly morning?

  • Embracing Constraints

Best Cozy Bedroom Ideas

Have a small bedroom? No view? This is no big deal, my friend! Of course, it is quite obvious that your small bedroom may only have a small window fighting the lack of light. But, guess what? It can actually work out in your favour. All you need to do is embrace the petite footprint, utilise the available area and turn it into a cosy cocoon-like space. We believe this is possible just by adding a wonderful headboard featuring built-in storage, and of course reading lights. Really, what else do you need?

  • Creating Tranquillity

Creating Tranquillity
It is better to keep things serene in your bedroom in order to make it feel warm, cosy and safe. You can stay with monochromatic shades, such as purple which is considered the colour of royalty, to create a sense of calmness. Also deep, dark colours can be very soothing! Try keeping every colour in the same hue because to foster a sense of tranquillity and you feel a blending of shades in comparison to hits of contrasts.

  • Sneaking In A Little Extra Storage

Extra Storage
To add a touch of comfort to your bedroom, why not add a bench to not only help you feel comfy, but also give a place to stow things whenever required. Also, if you’re entertaining guests it is often the most convenient place to keep their overnight bags.

  • Add Something Unexpected

Bedroom Designs
If you have ever fallen in love with a chair, but have had no idea where to put it, then why not place it in your bedroom? Every bedroom must have a reading nook; that is a place where you can curl up in the dead of winter and transport yourself wherever you wish. You don’t need a ton of space in order to create a nook. Simply place your comfy chair in an area which is in reach of a pile of good books. Also, note that by good books we don’t mean any kind of device. Even if you are a tech savvy, a generous stack of real books is always a luxury.

  • Choosing Comfort over Style

Choosing Comfort over Style
If you are looking to create a reading nook, always pick up an armchair, which has enough room for you to curl up. You can opt for an armchair that is upholstered in a cosy ultra-suede offering you more comfort and cosiness. And, if you are looking for something that not only makes your bedroom look dazzling, but also provides a comfy and deliciously toasty foot then purchase some designer radiators. An overlooked feature, these come in a varying array of sizes and designs. You can select one that suits your taste and best defines your bedroom.

  • Hanging String Lights

String Light in Modern Bedroom
Whilst we’re at it, lighting is very important in every room, and this is no less true than the bedroom. But, opting for lamps is a bit old school and like your mum’s bedroom. So, add a super cool statement light, such as sting lights. It doesn’t always have to be Christmas in order to incorporate string lights in your room. You can add them whenever you wantto make your bedroom feel like your own personal space. And isn’t that what your bedroom should feel like? Also, an added bonus is, under the soft glow of string lights, your bedroom looks stunning!

Be it a small or big bedroom, whether you’re a house-owner or still lodging with parents you can enjoy the cosiness offered by it. We’d advise looking for something that provides comfort over trend which could gives your bedroom an impersonal style and generic design. Now that you have these tips and tricks, why not give them a shot and turn your boring bedroom into a space to curl up!

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