Tips To Make Your Room Look Larger



The apartments we live in are generally small and look congested if we add up a lot of furniture and décor. So here, in this post, I share some tips to make your room look larger.

Wall Colors:

Wall Colors for Living rooms

Walls color can be white or pastel color as it helps to bounce light around the room. This creates an open, airy and aesthetic aura. In the room, move the focus from lack of space to something which grabs attention, which stands out in the room, like you add another color to a room with décor or place a frame in the room.


Furniture for living room

For a room where the space is of premium, you must choose lightweight furniture and less furniture. The lightweight furniture will be comfortable and also is easy to move around.

Use objects in a room that has multiple usages.

Media Center:

Media Center For Living Room

When you decide on the TV stands or the media consoles for the living room or the family room, it will be best if you avoid the open storage style because it can cause the feeling of clutter. The concealed form of the media center helps store the remotes of TVs, DVD players, etc. it keeps the space tidy. The back panel will be able to help you hide all those cords hanging loose.

Stack Things Up:

Chair arrangement for living room

Chairs can be placed in the room when the guests are there else, you can stack them up when they are not in use. This saves a lot of space.

Reduce clutter: don’t add furniture because you love it. Just don’t add the storage space because you have a habit of keeping every old and new thing. Clean up clutter. You can add a pin-up board on a wall where things can hang while not used. This way, you will keep the mess clean and save items from getting lost. Here you can also keep reminders of things to do and meetings.

Circular Decor:

round table and chairs with curves help in making the room look large

Bed and linen: add a lot of linen and fabric to the bed. The layers and mix of colors, decorative pillows, and prints help in making the space seem airier and also give depth to the look.

Brighten the room: if the room has less light and seems dark, it creates a small room feeling. When the room is well light, it creates interest and a feeling of there being space.

Furniture must be made to fit that is furnishings must fit in space as it makes the apartment look bigger.

Add a large mirror in front of the bathroom sink as it reflects light; pick the color patterns, and if you place it artistically, it will look awesome.

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