Tips To Organize Your Dresser

On April 29, 2014 by Mamta

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Will tell you something that we always have our focus on organizing our closet, that are definitely a vital storage areas to keep clean and organized for the easy dressing but the dressers are very important too. Here some tips for you to get the dresser drawers clutter free.

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Dresser DrawersRegularly such as every month you need to take everything out of the drawers and then refold them. it will help you to pull out any of the stained or torn clothing to throw away and set aside clothes that you haven’t worn in a while.

Drawer DividersYou must avoid the stacking: rather than just stacking t-shirts try and organize them as per their color. This will easily help in getting to an item which is stacked at bottom without you disrupting any of clothing.

Use the containers: you can use the containers in the drawers to hold small stuffs like box for the watches, necklaces, etc. plus keep container to hold the bow ties.

You can have boxes which can store the ties and small apparels.

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Pick the dividers: you can pick dividers and place it in large drawers and this helps in organizers.

Store candles: you can store candles or bar of soap so that you have clothes which smell lovely.

Mark the area so that you remember what is stored in what and also tells where to keep what which helps a lot.

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