Tips To Protecting Walls From Graffiti


Anti Graffiti Coatings

Some people find it gratifying to paint or draw images or artistic pictures on walls. A few of them do it to pass across a message, while others crave spraying paint on public walls for the sake of it. Of course, drawing such paintings is illegal and could land the artist in trouble if caught. Indeed, you can get prosecuted, sent to jail, or fined if found drawing graffiti on walls.

But you can protect your wall from graffiti by applying anti-graffiti coatings and reporting the artist to the authorities or turning the wall into a mural. Also, you can prevent the vice by enhancing security around your wall. You can do this by installing security cameras or planting shrubs with thorns around the area.

People do graffiti when they want to mark their territory. Gangs use it to warn other groups that they are in charge of that area. In some cases, artists do graffiti to showcase their skills. They paint it on buildings or open walls located in strategic places where many people see them each day. But you can protect your walls from graffiti by adhering to the following tips.

  1. Record And Report It To The Authority

When you find graffiti on your wall, the obvious thing you will want to remove it. But removing it does not ensure that it won’t be repeated. So the best thing you will need to do is take a picture of the drawings, including the date it was done and report it to the authority. It deters other artists from not just spraying paint on your walls but other public walls. Also, ensure to remove it within 24-48 hours to frustrate the artist and ensure that it is not repeated.

  1. Use Anti-Graffiti Coating

The best way to protect your building from graffiti is to apply an anti-graffiti protector. It is a coating that is easy to apply but which makes it difficult for any artist to spray paint on the wall. A single coat of coating is enough to keep artists off your wall. You may use an airless spray or brush. Once you apply the coat, any graffiti tagged onto the coat can be removed using pressurized water. You may also remove it using a bristle brush and water. You do not need to use chemicals to remove the graffiti

  1. Taking Security Measures

You can further protect your wall from graffiti by enhancing the security around it. You may install security cameras and motion-sensing lighting to enhance the security around the building. Also, you may add greenery to the side of the building to ward off graffiti artists. In addition, you can plant trees, shrubs, and wall climbing vine leaves to make the wall inaccessible. If the bushes have thorns, it may help deter artists who may want to pass across a message via drawings.

  1. Turn The Wall Into A Mural

Filling your wall with attractive artwork discourages graffiti artists from painting and spraying it with colors. Also, murals allow genuine artists to showcase their talents while adding value to your walls.

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