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Decorating an outdoor space requires a little more planning than indoors, as everything must handle various elements. Whether you have a large space or a small one, you will need furniture to entice people to spend time outside. Patios are the ideal places for dining, lounging, or entertaining. The following are a few tips on how to buy outdoor furniture.

Make A List

Before going on any shopping trip, you want to make a list of your needs. These items will help bring your dream to life, so consider drawing up images of the final project.

  • Do you want a space to dine during pleasant weather?
  • Do you want a place for your children to play and have birthday parties?
  • Do you want a place of peace and tranquility?
  • Does inviting a few friends over for a firepit and drinks sound relaxing?

Once you have a vision of what your space will look like, create a list of seating, tables, and anything else you need to complete the design.

Try Before You Buy

Even if you prefer to shop furniture online and have it shipped directly to your home, you need to try it before you buy. Seating must be comfortable and tables large enough to fit everyone. During the planning stage, visit various stores to test different materials for comfort. Outdoor furniture can be metal, wood, or wicker. After sitting in different styles, you can decide what look you want and if pillows will be needed to make it feel comfortable.

Consider Care Requirements

Remember, the furniture you are buying must withstand the elements Mother Nature brings. You do not want to spend the majority of your time maintaining and cleaning. With proper care, any material can last for years. While you are shopping, read the instructions on how to manage the furniture for the longest life. Consider using covers for pillows and tables that can be thrown into the wash. Metal and wicker can be sprayed down and left to air dry, but wood will need to be treated with a weather-resistant stain.

Remember Storage

There are two types of storage you will want to consider while planning your outdoor space: every day and seasonal. Shelving and cabinets allow you to store accessories or items you need while spending time outside. However, sheds are perfect for seasonal storage of furniture. Consider purchasing tables that break down and chairs that stack. The ability to organize should be kept in mind when selecting storage options.

Invest In Quality

Finally, when you are shopping for outdoor furniture, quality and dual-purpose should be at the forefront of your mind. Wicker and plastic materials become brittle as they age, and exposure to the sun causes fading. Wood and metal can be damaged by mold, mildew, or rust if not properly treated. Always read customer reviews on how a product withstands the elements, and make sure you purchase high-quality materials. To conserve funds, consider purchasing furniture that serves more than one purpose. Take full advantage of your budget and accent with the less expensive items.

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