Tips To Take Care of Your Kitchen in Monsoon


Monsoon is such a beautiful time of the year. Rain is falling and surroundings look so clean and green. Monsoon means to have hors d’oeuvre and appetizers along with steaming cup of coffee or tea. It means sitting by window and see the downpour from sky.

Interior design for the kitchen

On monsoon there are so many artworks. But coming to our interior topic during monsoon at home we experience moisture rise. As temperatures dip when monsoon season arrive, things turn moist. The moisture level affects our rooms and furniture a lot. But kitchen too gets affected due to rains.

Best kitchen interior designs for homes

Here are some tips as what you can to take care of the kitchen during the monsoon season.

Due to moist much wiring gets affected. You can experience problems in the connection. And there can be seepage problems experienced so remember that good quality wire connections for safety reasons.

Make sure in kitchen you have cross ventilation. This will allow moisture to escape because it will allow air flow.

Interior design kitchen

Ensure that you are keeping your kitchen dry. The counter top must be clean and food must be well covered.

You must open kitchen windows when possible.

Never opt for renovation during the monsoon season.

Green kitchen interior design

Cleaning the countertop and the floor with disinfectant is very important and must be done every day.

During rainy season there is a typical damp odor which is quite irritating. To do away from this odor you can place perfumed bath salts in the kitchen cabinets at bottom.

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