Tips to Use Crochet for Decor


Decorating home is one of the best pastimes for women’s especially for the housewives. And one other best pastimes that women tend to do it is playing and creating masterpieces with threads. Crochet is amazing creative art using threads and special form of needle and is indeed an art which many women love to do.


Crochet is creating magic with threads. Crochet can be used to make fashion items such as blouse, Sarees, earrings, scarf, sweater, pullover, purse and many such things.

Crochet for home decor

Crochet can be used for home décor as well. Here are some tips as how you can use crochet for home décor:

Crochet for covering jars

You can use crochet for covering jars, bottles and containers which are ordinary looking to give them a makeover and use them as décor on side tables, chests, and dining table.

Crochet Butterfly

Make butterfly from crochet and decorate it on refrigerator or in your children’s room.

Tea Coasters

Use crochet to make tea coasters, beermats, rests, etc.

Crochet can be used to make decorative coverings on openly kept fruits and vegetables in kitchen and on dining table.

Crochet for Candle

Crochet can be used for covering candlesticks.

Crochet Tissue Paper Box

Crochet tissue paper box can be made.

From crochet you can make tortoise and other small figurines to decorate.

Crochet can be used to make table mats, and dining table cover.

Crochet decorative flowers can be made and kept in vase.

Crochet can be used to tie the napkins for dining table.

Crochet can be used to make decorative lantern.

Mrs Bhavna Bhanushali has made exemplary magic with threads with crochet. Connect with her on Facebook profile for suggestions and more pictures as how you can décor your home with crochet.

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