Tips When Completing A Kitchen Renovation On A Budget


Beautiful Kitchen With Quartz Countertops

One thing that homeowners can do to improve the resale value of a house is to renovate the kitchen. It makes sense, especially that a lot of people consider the kitchen as the soul of any home. You can turn a dull space into something valuable by having functional appliances, clean cabinets, and elegant looking floors.

The problem is that when remodeling a house, the kitchen will always be one of the most expensive areas to renovate. The price of a kitchen renovation will usually be higher than upgrading a small bathroom, the hallways, living rooms, or bedrooms. Depending on what kind of overhaul you’re going to implement, a kitchen renovation will probably cost between $20,000-$50,000.

Homeowners often ask: “how to save money on a new kitchen”? Wait, is it even possible to have a budget kitchen remodel? Luckily for you, it is possible. Ponder on the practical tips that this post will discuss below so you could get more bang for your kitchen remodeling, for less buck.

  1. Refresh The Cabinets Instead Of Replacing Them

Refresh The Cabinets Instead Of Replacing Them

One of the challenges of sticking into a budget kitchen remodel plan is getting new cabinets. As you probably already know, doing an all-tear-out-and-replace project for your kitchen cabinets can be invariably expensive. What you can do instead is to keep the majority of the materials. Then, paint the outside shell of your cabinets to give them a refreshed look.

Another option you can take is to reface your cabinets by replacing the drawer fronts and doors. You can also add a thermofoil veneer or a new wood on the outside surface. Refacing is a good idea to redecorate your kitchen and turn it into a modern space.

Partially constructing your cabinets from medium-density fiberboard or MDF can be a less expensive option if it’s the total replacement that you want. There are also ready to assemble or RTA cabinets out there, which is another cheaper option for you.

  1. Avoid Moving The Drainage And Sink

Avoid Moving The Drainage And Sink

Smart planning can save you a lot of money when it comes to kitchen renovation. Your drainage and plumbing are the most important things to plan around as they’re also going to be the most expensive overhaul. The best thing to do is to work around your drainage and plumbing instead of moving them.

Changing the location of your sink will cost more than changing how your kitchen flows with a kitchen island or a bar. So, if you’re already unhappy with your kitchen’s layout, keep the appliances in their original places and be creative, so you don’t end up spending a considerable amount of money on moving the pipes and wires.

  1. Refurbish The Appliances In Your Kitchen

Refurbish The Appliances In Your Kitchen

When people hear about a kitchen remodel, most of them will think that the appliances from the old kitchen will end up getting landfilled. Aside from being costly, many municipalities now restrict sending kitchen appliances to the landfill, so such a course of action could be on its way out sooner than later.

What most people don’t realize is that tossing your malfunctioning appliances will always be a bad idea if you’re going to renovate your kitchen on a budget; it won’t help you save at all. It would be best to start reading available information online and fix your kitchen appliances if you can. There are also online service parts marketplaces over the internet, and they will be of great help as you try to refurbish your appliances.

Some of the appliances you can fix or refurbish instead of throwing out are water softeners, water heaters, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

  1. Choose The Less Expensive Tiles For Your Backsplash

Choose The Less Expensive Tiles For Your Backsplash

It’s possible to save up to thirty-five percent if you opt for less expensive tiles for your backsplash. You can go with these options instead of Corian, Caesarstone, or granite. Yes, it would be hard to get around choosing other materials for your countertop instead of the most popular options, but think about how it will impact your savings.

  1. Change The Elements Of The Kitchen Instead Of The Layout

Change The Elements Of The Kitchen Instead Of The Layout

If you want to keep the renovation of your kitchen within the set budget, only change the elements within the existing framework instead of dramatically changing your kitchen layout. Significant changes to your kitchen’s footprint would mean more cost and effort than their worth since kitchen layouts get determined by the size of the space available. Make your creativity work. You can add new elements like a kitchen island to allow for more storage and preparation space without changing the layout significantly.

Final Thoughts

Kitchens With Freestanding Appliances

The tips mentioned and discussed in this post should help you complete a kitchen renovation on a budget. Before starting, have a plan and set a realistic budget. Account all expenses, especially the labor costs if you’ll hire professionals to carry out the renovations for you.

Come up with specific prices for every material you need. Determine your bottom line and make sure not to go overboard your set budget when looking at your options. The last thing you’d want to happen is having to stop the project midway because you ran out of money.

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