Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Trends


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Whether you’ve got a big budget or are operating on a shoestring, you can apply some popular remodeling trends to your bathroom and give it a whole new, updated look. Let’s take a look at what’s popular in bathroom remodeling trends.


In an economy where the real estate market still has not fully recovered in many areas, people are looking for a way to change up their living space and give everything a fresh look and feel as an alternative to selling and moving into a new home. Whether your budget allows for a complete renovation or just a little freshening up, there are tons of available options. An often overlooked space, but one of the most economical to remodel, is the bathroom. While this may be a room you don’t spend a lot of time in, it should still be a relaxing space reflective of your tastes and preferences. If you woke up this morning and said, “I’ve got a great idea…I’m remodeling my bathroom,” here are some great suggestions that can help you remodel your bathroom in Monument, Colorado.

Bathroom Shower Tiles Ideas

1) Install a custom shower. You can install a larger shower with all types of customizable options! You can have a pebble floor, custom lighting, a cozy bench, scented sprays, a fabulous tile design. Nearly anything you can dream up for your shower is available these days. This is a great place to personalize.

Bathroom With Large Tiles

2) Update your floor with large tiles. Large tiles are exploding in popularity as smaller grout lines make for easier maintenance with this bold look.

Freestanding Bath

3) Replace your old tub with a free-standing tub. Many love the appeal of the old-fashioned claw-footed tub.

Brushed Nickel Fixtures

4) Trade out your fixtures for brushed nickel fixtures. These are elegant and understated and go with nearly any color scheme.

Bathroom Designs

5) Consider adding a glass tile backsplash behind your bathroom sink. This can be a focal point of your bathroom or an accent piece, depending on how bold you want to go with it. This touch of sparkle will give your bathroom an elegant look.

Modern Bathroom Designs

6) Consider frameless glass doors for your shower. This will give your bathroom the illusion of being more prominent and spacious, and the streamlined appearance can be quite breathtaking.

Stylish Modern Bathroom Designs

7) If you live in an area with cold winters, consider having a heated floor installed in your bathroom. Tile floors often feel chilly, and since the bathroom is usually the first place we go after leaving our warm beds, wouldn’t it be great to walk across a heated floor instead of that cold tile?

Modern Small Bathroom Designs

8) Freestanding vanities can give your bathroom a unique appearance. This harkens back to a more classic look before vanities were built in with the sink as standard. It provides the room with a warmer appearance.

Modern Bathroom Designs Ideas

9) Choose natural colors to give your bathroom a more spa-like earthy feel. Soft blues, tans, and greens are soothing and have a calming effect.

10)A zero-threshold shower is an excellent option for a homeowner who may be getting older or perhaps has limited mobility. There’s no curb or threshold to step over; you walk in. These are stylish as well as practical.

Modern Charcoal Bathroom

Whatever options you choose when you remodel your bathroom, remember this room doesn’t merely need to be a functional, practical space. It can reflect your unique personality in its design; whether your style is old-fashioned, eclectic, modern, or edgy, there are options for a stylish bathroom that speaks to who you are.


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