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G3 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Getting access to clean and pure drinking water is one of our basic rights. Especially during this pandemic, when this has become necessary, investing in a water filtration system seems right. The Waterdrop Filtration team understands this need, and thus, we were hoping you could opt for filtration systems that are indeed the best for your well-being and that of your family as well. Prioritizing your well-being and safety, like always, we have come up with the newest innovations, like the G3 reverse osmosis water filtration system pitcher. If you do not know about water filtration systems, getting acquainted with them can be a good idea if you want to invest in a high-quality water filtration system. Here are the top 10 essentials points you should know before choosing a water filtration system:

  1. The NSF 58 Standards

The contamination standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) can be a determinant for choosing a good filtration system. If you notice the NSF 58 standard on your filtration system, like the Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 30% off during this Holiday Season, this standard requires the product to comply with permissible lead content for safe and clean drinking water. To confirm your doubts, you can have a look at the Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System for 30% off here You can take advantage of this Cyber Monday deal and take home the gift of pure and clean drinking water right now.

  1. Why Water Filters?

Normal tap water or water from any outside source contains a lengthy list of contaminants that can harm you. The municipal water supply might not be safe for consumption as it runs the risk of being contaminated with harmful chemicals that come from agricultural pesticides and fertilizers, car emissions, chemicals released from pharmaceutical companies, flame retardants, urban runoff chemicals, and many other waste products that can end up harming our loved ones and us. While it might not be in our hands to prevent the water from getting polluted, it is still in our hands to get it purified enough individually to receive safe drinking water.

  1. Environmentally Safer

Now you must be thinking, how? First of all, filtration systems are built with materials that conform to the well-being of the environment. The bottled water that you might be used for drinking water pollutes the environment with the low-quality plastic that releases harmful pollutants into the air. When compared to bottled water, filtered water is a million times safer. While, in theory, bottled water might seem safe and easy to manage, they are not at all safe. In reality, even municipal tap water is much safer! You should know that the FDA doesn’t have any control over the manufacturers of bottled water. So, it is not a good idea to risk your loved ones’ lives, especially when the water you are drinking is not even regulated as per FDA standards. Now, what would you choose? An easy option that can harm the environment, or a much better option is good for the environment? While the decision is totally yours, practically the second option makes much more sense, don’t you think so? Well, I do.

  1. Removes Heavy Metals And Chemicals Like Chlorine

As water available from an outside source is generally chlorinated, many filters can effectively remove chlorine from the water and purify it. Some of the filters’ filtration systems can also make it possible to eliminate heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, fluoride, and other contaminants that flow out from factories and other industries. In fact, our Waterdrop Under Sink Water Filter System 20% off consists of an impressive five-stage filtration system that removes these mentioned impurities. For your convenience, it can be connected to any cold water supply quite easily with its push-to-connect fittings in any of your rooms for daily clean water. With a highly discounted rate, the Waterdrop Under Sink Water Filter System 20% off can be a great deal during this Holiday Season! To know more about this filter, click here

  1. Effective In Case Of Unexpected Disasters

While everyone knows how the water disaster in Flint, Michigan, went out of control, we should be prepared in the wake of such a disaster. If you have a filtration system in your home, any filtration system for that matter, you will be secured even if such a disaster occurs. A strong filtration system can keep you and your family safe and secure in such a situation. You do not need to depend on the public water supply for clean water anymore. In fact, if it is the municipal tap water you want purifying, a filter like the Waterdrop Under Sink Water Filter System 20% off can be a good fit for this water source.

  1. Sediment Removal

A powerful filtration system can remove sediments, small and large, with the help of sediment filters. Suspended particles, debris, and dust particles in the water tend to change the taste of natural water and odor, making it unsafe and muddier. You can get pristine water with not only better taste and odor with a good filtration system. Now, who would want to deny it to their family?

  1. Cost-Effective Option

Another reason why buying a filtration system can be beneficial is due to the lower cost of maintaining it. If you buy bottled water for your water needs currently, any filtration system at your home can save a lot in the long run. While bottled water has to be bought again and again, a filter has to be installed only once annually, thus lowering the total cost of drinking water. Also, as an effective filtration system can remove heavy metals and other chemicals, it doesn’t choke up your plumbing system, saving frequent plumbing repair bills. Now, what can be lower than 10¢ per day for filtered water for the first year? Thereafter, you only have to pay 5¢ per day to replace the filter when it comes to our Waterdrop 10UA Undersink Water Filtration System. Another cost-effective but efficient water filter is our Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher, 15% off here, which can be the best deal on Cyber Monday for you!

  1. TDS Removal

For many reasons, very few filters are capable of removing total dissolved solids. But you will be surprised to know that our Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System, 30% off is perfectly capable of removing TDS. The only other method of getting rid of TDS is through distillation, which is complicated and time-consuming. This feature is also needed if you search for a filtration system for commercial use in places like pools and spas, which need daily maintenance.

  1. Perfect Fit For Smaller Or Even Motor Homes

If you have been finding a filtration system for your motor home but couldn’t find the exact one you need, your search will stop with our Waterdrop Under Sink Water Filter System for 20% off. Its size can be the perfect fit for motor homes, unlike other filtration systems requiring a much bigger space. The plus point of installing this system for your motor home is that neither does this system require electricity nor does it result in any wastewater production. It can function excellently for the water tank filtration of the motor home.

  1. No Need To Use More Soap

If you are wondering how many filters have the capability of softening hard water, then you have come to the right place. Yeah!! If the water in your area includes a high mineral content enough to make it ineffective for cleaning clothes and utensils, you tend to use more soap than needed. Instead, using an advanced filtration system can make your task easier and save on that extra bar of soap you might use otherwise.

Now that you know why investing in a good filtration system can be a good thing, why wait? Jump on the bandwagon with the Cyber Monday deals that can get you a perfect one at an affordable price!

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that motorhomes will benefits a lot from a good water filtration system. I’d like to look for a plumber that could install one for me because I’d like to go on a road trip soon. I think it would be best to look secure a water system first in order to make sure that my RV is prepared to be my shelter in the days to come.


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