Top 10 Festive Flowers And Plants To Enhance Your Christmas Decor


Festive Flowers

Christmas is a time to enjoy the holidays with family. It’s also a religious holiday enjoyed by different types of people brought together by their common interests. Decorating your home has become more interesting as we see different styles and forms. There are also types of decorations that have been created for religious purposes. Visit for a variety of religiously themed decorations.

As much as Christmas is a religious holiday, you can also find many plants associated with it. For decades, people have put up a Christmas tree and decorated it with festivity as a symbol. However, the Christmas tree isn’t the only plant associated with the holiday. This article will look into several types of flowers and plants you can use along with your Christmas decorations.

  1. Bosc Pear

The Bosc Pear allows you to plant it in a container or on your garden floor, for it’s an excellent option, especially if your garden has enough water and sunshine. This plant looks amazing, especially in the winter, as it bears fruit in a honey-golden colour. The fruit typically ripens from late fall into winter. It’s a great decoration and a fruit you can mix in your desserts.

  1. Christmas Bells

The Christmas bell is a red and yellow waxy flower, which is very common for Christmas decorations. They are also known as Blandfordia nobilis and grow well in sandy soil, and they also flourish in pots as well.

  1. Ornamental Cabbage And Kale

Ornamental cabbages and kale are trendy additions to Christmas decorations as they have a flashy colour and texture, making them excellent for bringing out that Christmas spirit. They’re also great plants as they can withstand below-freezing temperatures, and they are also known as flowering kales and cabbages, which can be a great addition to your garden. But remember that they commonly grow better in full sunshine or partial shade and need well-drained soil.

  1. Poinsettia

The Poinsettia is a natural winter flower that has grown in popularity over the years. It is now recognised as one of the most popular Christmas flowers, and the ones that are for sale now have been grown under special conditions to suit all seasons. Commonly, the flower flourishes in the winter as it flowers then. The Scarlet flowering plant is an evergreen semi-evergreen shrub that can be planted indoors and outdoors, but the plant must be watered moderately and only when the soil is dry. The Poinsettia also flourishes better in the dark.

  1. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are very popular in the world. They’re easy to grow and very reliable, and they help create some of the most beautiful bouquets due to their clustered nature. The Hydrangeas flower also allows you to plant it in your garden, giving your summertime garden some great blooms.

  1. Christmas Cactus

The cactus plant thrives in different weather conditions and commonly needs very little water. The Christmas cactus blooms red flowers, commonly just in time for Christmas. You can also find some Christmas cactuses that bloom in pink and white. It has hanging branches that allow you to spread it across the table. These are different from other cacti plants as they bloom with broader flowers. They’re also easy to grow and can grow in pots and gardens all year round.

  1. Cyclamen

Cyclamen persicum is an excellent option for smaller gardens, balconies and indoor pots. It’s a free flowering and hardy plant with red, pink or white blooms and green leaves with a light yellow centre. These require very little care and commonly bloom well in winter. It comes with indoor varieties that have larger flowers.

  1. Miniature Narcissus

The miniature narcissus stands tall in the winter. These plants can be considered a much more miniature daffodil. The flower can be grown in a garden or a small pot indoors. It has a trumpet-shaped flower, which is indicative of Rebirth and New Beginnings, commonly viewed as a perfect symbol for the New Year.

  1. Sarcococca

Sarcococca hookeriana is an evergreen shrub, also known as ‘Sweet Box,’ that can grow upwards of 1 to 2 m tall. The leaves are long with tiny white flowers. It can be grown in moist soil and partial shade in indoor pots. Alternatively, you can plant it and watch it rise slowly in your garden.

  1. Fir Tree

The fir tree is available in all heights and widths, so if you have it indoors, pay attention to your space. It’s a great plant, especially outdoors, allowing it to grow to greater heights. During the Christmas season, you can find pre-cut and potted types. The plant also needs to be well-watered throughout the season. You can also quickly move your potted version of the plant and place it deep in the garden with well-drained soil.

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