Top 10 Fireplace Remodeling Ideas You Can Try When Upgrading Your Fireplace


Fireplace Remodeling

In colder regions decades ago, most homes had a sizable fireplace. Back then and even now, a fireplace was one of the central visual points of each home. Over time, as people make significant upgrades to fireplaces with every technological advance, modern renovations involve replacing furnaces with more updated elements.

Thus, if your old fireplace is turning into an eyesore or you’ve relocated to a new house with a fireplace beyond its prime, fireplace refurbishing is an excellent idea. Whether you are contemplating a full-scale renovation or looking for a quick weekend upgrade take any part of a fireplace to the core of your furnishings, the suggestions summarized in this article should get you motivated.

  1. Install A Fireplace Glass Door

Fireplace Glass Door

A warm fire on a chilly night is a pleasure, but a wood fire left unattended is unsafe. Compared to a gas fireplace that could be turned off, glass doors are the only safe way of leaving a fireplace burning with wood fire. There are no tricky bits to retrofit this easy-to-install safety mechanism to an existing fireplace. Glass fireplace doors are available in regular sizes that match any flat firebox.

  1. Try Linear A Fireplace

Linear Gas Fireplace

Without undermining contemporary design, even modern houses enjoy the warmth of a classic open fire by using linear fireplaces. Many homeowners choose a rectangular fireplace as it provides broader views of crackling flames. Aside from that, there is a lot more to render linear fireplaces attractive. Thanks to a variety of styles, linear fireplaces can be mounted in several areas of the house. For instance, they can be installed in communal spaces such as the living and dining rooms and kitchens, offices, basements, and play areas.

  1. Exposed Bricks

Exposed Bricks Fireplace

This remodeling style is an easy idea because the exposed brick fireplace does not have to be renovated. If you’re into basic aesthetics, this might be perfect for you. Simultaneously, if you are worried about choosing a too audacious style or one that may become out of fashion, the classic, honest look of exposed bricks is a great remodeling option. Since exposed bricks are straightforward, this means that this look will not be dated at any time. The style became prominent by the call to reveal the supporting components of a structure, which were usually disguised behind drywall or plaster. Consider uncovered roof support beams, floor shutters, window shutters, and exposed ventilation works. These are all instances of revealing the technical features of a design to their creative architecture level.

  1. Indoor Fire Pit

Indoor Fire Pit

If an indoor fireplace is workable, don’t despair; you don’t have to limit yourself to the same fireplace design. Try placing an indoor fire pit in the center of a big space. An indoor fire pit is a broad and clear fireplace lined with fire rocks that can be gas-powered and energy-efficient in that it is less likely to flood the house with harmful contaminants and smoke. When lit, this type of fireplace can give off a magnificent glow throughout your room because it is lined with a choice of fire rocks and stones. Fire pits can be of any shape, yet the most traditional style is round with a smooth and polished finish.

  1. German Smear

German Smear Fireplace

The German smear is a fabricated antiquing strategy that gives an unnatural look to your fireplace. Such an approach provides your heart a cake-like look—almost frosted. This one is great for you if you are not an admirer of exposed brick’s standard feel. However, if you are thinking about a DIY approach to applying this change, it is best to think about it before trying to permanently change your brickwork, as this is one of the kinds of things that can’t be unworked.

  1. Limewash Finish

limewash fireplace

Limewash finish affords a German smear-like appearance but more inclined towards the natural color of bricks. Once your fireplace has been washed, add the limewash coat straight to your fireplace bricks. This will result in a powdery look resembling chalk settled on bricks. Do not get confused, though, if the lime washed and the painted styles look similar. They both use the same application process.

  1. Fireplace Surround

Fireplace Surround

Working on a fireplace surround is the best idea if your goal is to make it stand out and be a little more useful. A fireplace surround is a field behind the fireplace and everything you add about it.

The entire system touches the mantel that will reach well past the moldings. Many homeowners build a fireplace entertainment center or storage structures with cabinets and secret drawers.

  1. Antique Brick Finish

Antique Brick Fireplace

This is for people who don’t like the organic colors of brick but still like the bricked look.

Paint gray coatings over your bricks and immediately seal it with a stain. Additionally, attach a few white pieces to your sitting space for your fireplace to glow. Also, you can use an old-fashioned fireplace that varies in color but not the typical red. There are hundreds of videos online that show various ways to create the antique brick result. There are many stain color schemes, including lovely ebony that can make a duller brick finish.

  1. Add A New Mantel

Brick Fireplace Mantel

You go through a fireplace remodeling, but that does not mean you have to only glam up the fireplace. Why not put in a fresh mantel as well? After all, a mantel is one interesting visual component of the fireplace; in fact, a centerpiece that varies with the change of season. When adding a mantel, you can combine the old with a new one by keeping your old fireplace untouched and laying a sophisticated mantel around it. This can create an impressive look that is unique to your home.

  1. Display Your Logs

Fireplace Logs

You’d tend to keep firewood out of sight, probably outside. Try maximizing your indoor space and showcase your logs. Once you have a fireplace repaired, try and set aside some space to store the logs in a way that showcases them instead of hides them. The bark, the woodsy smell, the grainy ends piled up strategically adds to the rustic charm.


Use the ten ideas summarized in this article as inspiration when you’re thinking of upgrading your fireplace. Bear in mind that the appearance and function of a fireplace are both essential to your interior ambiance. Yet, more than anything else, the health of your family should be given prime importance. Also, understand that in upgrading your fireplace, each component, along with accessories and surrounds, can function correctly only if done correctly.

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