Top 10 Interior Design Trends Shaping 2020


Interior Design Trends

2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for new trends in the interior design sphere that you don’t want to miss out on. If you are worried about the costs, you can rest easy since there are also a ton of new resources that can help you save on your upcoming projects. If you want inspiration from some of the most stylish accommodations available, you can get hotels promo codes and coupons.

If you don’t want to go through all that trouble, though, go ahead and take a look at these top 10 interior design ideas that are dominating this year. Whether you are only thinking about sprucing up your den or making the new house or apartment you just bought into your ideal home, you do not want to miss out on these.

  1. Built-In Furniture

Built-In Furniture

These days, buying furniture is seen as wasteful and involves too much of a hassle, which explains the rise of built-in chairs, tables, and the like. This is not about those atrocious folding catastrophes, however, but the actual features of the room’s design. This includes alcoves, windowsills, cabinets, and walls.

The furniture pieces themselves can be seating, bedding, and even tables. The options would depend largely on the amount of space available, and naturally, one of the most important points is discretion.

  1. The Pinks, Greens, And Blues

Attractive Interior Colors

This year, the attractive interior colors are pink, green, and blue. If you don’t know, factor in the rising trend of doing bare concrete walls and ceilings. Instead of the brighter versions of these hues, however, there is an inclination towards more subdued tones. So try not to go crazy with the hot and loud palettes if you can avoid them.

  1. Lots of Textures

Patterns + Textures = Elegant Eclectic Living Room

Combining rough, smooth, velvety, silky, wooden, and many other textures in a single space seem to be catching on these days. It certainly does a lot to end the monotony, for which many interior designs have become known for, these days. It jars the sense, both sight and touch. It’s important not to go overboard, however.

If you want to go crazy, you can even use tires for some of the interior pieces. You can find cheap deals through ReifenDirekt gutschein.

  1. All Those Arches

Italian Villa Interior Design

Arches are making a comeback, and they are hitting the interior design market hard. Imagine Italian villa types of arches that make up the access for the dividing walls. It’s not just doorways, either, since windows are also getting the curved treatment.

  1. Big & Bulky

Chunky Couches

It’s been a few decades, but chunky couches, beds, and cabinets are getting quite the following. Think undulating sofas that were prominently featured during the 70s. Angles are on the way out, and curves are coming back with a vengeance.

  1. Hidden Kitchens

Hidden Kitchens

Hidden cabinets and storage spaces have been hot trends for a while now, but there is an up-and-coming market for hidden kitchens. That’s right, and entire cooking spaces are now being hidden behind dividing walls or clever manipulations of surfaces to camouflage them. It certainly helps keep that veil of minimalism intact, even though you have space for it.

  1. Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Home Decor Ideas

With climate change becoming a bigger and bigger source of concern, interior designers are intent on using sustainable materials and products for their projects. This means using recycled, repurposed, and redeemed furniture, paper, fabrics, and even fabricated materials. There are entire companies these days that produce only sustainable building materials.

More than that, a ton of chic furniture and home shopping stores are popping up with the sole purpose of cashing in on sustainability trends. This provides you with plenty of opportunities to get your choice of couch, ottoman, or table that is made entirely of things that won’t damage the environment.

  1. So Much Wood

Interior Wood Paneling

Although wood went out of style for a while, wood panelings are making a comeback. This time, they are composed of thin, nondescript pieces that are slatted and skinny. They can be placed in interesting angles, or they can be fabricated with interesting shapes. Angled, curving, sweeping, or sharp, the choice is up to you and depends on the room that you have.

  1. Tones of Twos

Two Tone Kitchen

Whether it is the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, or the bathroom, there is now a movement where everything needs to be two-tone. Kitchens are getting the bulk of this attention, where there is a rising interest in making counters and tables of different styles, colors, and even textures. Naturally, this extends to all the various cabinets, storage equipment, and even appliances.

  1. Dark & Nordic

Scandinavian Interior Design

Finally, Ikea is not the only Scandinavian interior design fare that is fast invading many other western countries. Nordic sensibilities for decorating seems to be catching on, as well. This includes the liberal use of feathers, leather, dark tones, unique wooden tables and chairs, and curtains that invoke that unmistakable Scandinavian feel.

It’s worth pointing out that this does not necessarily mean going all-in on gothic themes. More druidic influences do come into play, however, with the use of branches and synthetic hanging moss being quite the hit among the more eccentric of homeowners. If you want to go the extra mile, you can always go to Norway and get the stuff yourself. Use expedia折扣碼 for good deals.


Although many styles permeate the interior design sphere, those listed above are at the cutting edge in terms of trending sensibilities. They are perfect for those who are just thinking about updating their homes, as well as those who are considering doing their interior design for themselves.

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