Top 10 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas For 2019


Most of the modern style kitchen designs are all about the creation of a clean, functional, open, and calming space for cooking and dining. Although these styles have been dubbed cold, they turn out to be a perfect presentation of elegance and style. A great décor happens to be a recipe for the kitchen. The kitchen design change from one person to another, depending on their preferences and tastes. The designs are all about playing with the available space and décor to bring out a masterpiece. Therefore, whether you are looking for a monochromatic to colorful themes, below are some of the 2019 kitchen trends which you can use in order to come up with the perfect design. The designs are inspiring, and you can combine a few of them to come up with something unique. If stack on how to go about it, seek the help of a design expert.

  1. Let the Light Pour In

Modern Kitchen Ideas

You can define a good kitchen by letting the light pour in through the choice of colors. Clean and sleek fixtures, combined with a lot of natural light, makes the kitchen an interesting area of the hours. Given the kind of activities that take place, then it could only be reasonable to make it have the natural light. The natural light would not be a complete accessory for the kitchen that lacks sleek and clean fixtures. Choose colors that are easy to clean and blend in with the natural light. In addition, this is one of the most modern kitchen ideas that designers are using to keep the area interesting. As well, a simple color scheme adds to the ability of the design to appear as one that lets the light pour in. Keep it simple by avoiding the use of multiple colors.

  1. Warm It Up

Warm Kitchen

A kitchen design would look awesome if it had warm surfaces. This can be achieved through the use of war chocolate stone surfaces. Such a design should have a smooth transition from one surface to the other in order to create a uniform flow of pattern to the eye. This design best fits the kitchen that has little natural light. The monochromatic theme creates a cozy area by embracing the existing space. There are plenty of warm colors that can be used in the design to make it warm. The choice of color depends on an individual’s perception of warm. A design that is warm to one person could be boring to another. Therefore, choose what fits your preference as long as it meets the trend of a warm kitchen.

  1. Have Fun

Contemporary Kitchen Decor Ideas

The kitchen is one of the areas in the house that you are likely to spend most of your time in. This means that you do not want this space to turn out boring. Therefore, given that you have to spend most of your time at home, then why not make your kitchen a fun place to operate in? This can be achieved through the use of geometrical shapes with vibrant colors. Make your kitchen a contemporary interpretation of classic art. Ensure to chose shapes and colors that interest you. This kitchen’s modern design will keep you motivated to use the area. It is the contrast of dark colors which might, in turn, bring a dull mood hence demotivating a person from using the kitchen.

  1. Make It Disappear

Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas

Among the modern kitchen décor ideas is building a kitchen that is exposed to the sitting room. This has become a common trend, and therefore, it calls for a special design of the kitchen since it is in the eyes of everyone. Hence, it is best to choose hardware-free cabinets and a color that blends the cabinets to the background. In most cases, white works wonder in making the cabinets disappear in the color of the wall. In addition, add some furniture with a popping color so that it can draw the attention of people from the rest of the kitchen décor. The simple design of art can also be placed at strategic places to help in camouflaging the cabinets. For instance, placing a colorful flower vase on top of the sink will result in the vase being the easily noticeable thing in front of the camouflaging cabinets. Don’t be afraid to take the bold step of having an open kitchen. All that you need to do is to play with the décor to make the unnecessary items disappear.

  1. Give It An Edge

Modern Kitchen

There are many ways through which you can give your kitchen an edge. Modern house’s kitchen makes use of concrete floors to add an edge to the kitchen. Such a floor presents a warmer welcome better than the use of polished tiles and hardwood panels. A polished concrete floor is a good welcome surprise and works perfectly in a family home. You can also add style in your kitchen through the use of sculptural light fixtures and placing works of art at strategic places on the wall to match the color of the floor. This will not only create beautiful scenery, but it will also help in lightening up the mood of the kitchen users. A concrete floor is a bold idea of a kitchen design that 2019 trends are focusing on.

  1. Pick a Strategic Layout

Small Kitchen Ideas

At Customessayorder you can buy custom essay for cheap on some of the strategic layouts that an individual can choose for their kitchen in order to match the 2019 trends. In the case where you have a small kitchen, there is a need to be strategic in order to create the illusion of a larger space. This can be achieved by installing cabinets that reach up to the ceiling in order to have more storage space. Hence, you will not have to store most of the items in the open space since the kitchen will look crowded. You can also make use of bar stools to transition the area between the kitchen and the dining space. A countertop surface extending from the wall would be a great idea of creating a dining area from the little available space.

  1. Add One Pop of Color

Monochromatic Themed Kitchen

Do not be too mean with colors. You can decide to go about a monochromatic them for the kitchen décor, which is not a bad idea. However, the challenge of a monochromatic them is that the illusion created by the color might turn out to be boring. In such a case, it is best to include one poping color either for the décor or some of the cooking utensils. For instance, red or bright green utensils would pop out perfectly in a kitchen with a white color theme. The choice of the poping color depends on the color of the monochromatic theme used. Ensure that they are colors that contrast one another perfectly in order to bring out the desired illusion.

  1. Take Risks

Brown Wooden Center Table

The kitchen design is expected to have the best risk minimization strategies. However, taking a little risk while paying about with the décor would not be harmful. For instance, hanging lights gives the kitchen a fancy and modern style as compared to the old method of having light bulbs glued to the ceiling. The hanging bulbs not only provide light but act as a bold choice of décor for the kitchen. Modern designs are streamlined, but that is not an indication that there is no room for experimentation or making bold choices. The best way that people have been taking risks while decorating their kitchens is by playing around with the kind of lighting used. Remember that lighting can be used to enhance the appearance of the colors used for the décor. Light adds warmth to a room.

  1. Work With Quirks

Quirky Kitchen Windows

This is a kitchen trend for individuals who live in old houses with quirky windows. The large windows were built with the intention of increasing air circulation. Modern designs do not require such huge windows due to the availability of air conditioning. Therefore, living in a house with a large window does not mean that your kitchen will be boring. You can play around with the window by using stained glass that has a 21st-century spin. For instance, the use of flowers as the stain image could be a great choice for a kitchen. Play along with the colors of dealing with quirky surfaces to make the design more interesting.

  1. Play With Asymmetry

Modular Kitchen

An asymmetrical balance in the kitchen would automatically attract the attention of people. The balance makes the kitchen feel like a family-friendly and an approachable space. A floating shape would match with the symmetrical arrangements of the rest of the items in a kitchen. This is best done according to the preferences of the kitchen owner. Some people prefer all the décor of the kitchen to be symmetrical while others prefer asymmetrical arrangements.

Concisely, the above 2019 kitchen trends have already gained fame since most homeowners are making good use of the designs. In case you are stranded about the kind of design that you should choose for your kitchen, you need not worry anymore because there are plenty of design experts in the market that can help you decide. The design experts present the homeowner with ideas of the possible kitchen designs hence allowing them to choose a design that best fits their preferences. Playing around with kitchen décor is an art that an individual needs to master in order to bring out the pop of that kitchen space. Whether you have a large or a small kitchen, you do not have to worry since you can use the above tips to create the illusion that you prefer for your kitchen.

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