Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Mattress


As we will be spending a good chunk of our life sleeping, it is best to ensure that we sleep in the most comfortable way possible. While mattresses are designed to be used for years, there comes a time when we will need to say farewell to our long-time mattress and get a new one. But how do we know when is the right time to retire our nightly companion? Here are ten reasons why you should replace your mattress.

  1. The Mattress is Nearing a Decade Old

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Mattress

Mattresses are designed to last for a decade. Once it has hit the 7-year mark, you will notice a steady decline with its quality and comfort. You should think about getting a replacement at this point. While some mattresses do come with lifetime warranties, this only covers faculty defects and springs.

  1. It Has a Funky Smell

Funky Smell in Mattress

While washing the mattress or applying cleaning solutions can alleviate this issue, the older mattress, the less success you will have with temporary fixes. Over time, your mattress will start developing a certain odor. A variety of reasons can cause this, but it is something we cannot avoid. If your mattress is old and smells stuffy, it’s time to get a new one.

  1. Visible Depressions on the Mattress Surface

Sagging Mattress

An easy way to see whether the mattress is ready to retire is by checking any sagging on the surface. Any sagging that has a depth of 1.5-inches can lead to increased muscle pain, so take the necessary steps and replace the mattress as soon as possible.

  1. Not Feeling Well-Rested Even After a Full Night’s Sleep

Morning Depression on the Mattress

A red flag that indicates it is time to replace your mattress is with the overall quality of your sleep. If you ever feel somewhat sore or tired even after a full 7 to 8 hours of sleep, then chances are your mattress causes this.

  1. Waking Up with a Sore Back

Waking Up with a Sore Back

Similar to the above entry, old mattresses will lose a significant amount of its ability to offer proper posture support. This loss of appropriate support due to lack of compression will cause your midsection to drop lower into the mattress as it is the heaviest part of the body. What this results in is a bad wake up call as you struggle to straighten your back or move your neck.

  1. Contending with a Noisy Bed Every Night

Noisy Bed

One of the critical elements of a quality mattress is what it uses to provide proper support for the person lying down on it. Some mattresses use box springs to provide adequate support. Age can cause the box spring to squeak with every slight turn. This can be quite annoying when trying to get a shut eye at night.

  1. Significant Dip in the Middle Part When Lying on the Mattress

Significant Dip in the Middle Part When Lying on the Mattress

If your bed feels more like a hammock, then you can chalk this up to a degrading core. The foam will start to ‘deflate’ over time, causing a more noticeable dip on your position due to your weight. To prevent this, you should look for a replacement mattress that has an impressive level of resiliency with its core.

  1. Changes with Your Weight

Changes with Your Weight

Let’s face it; what you weighed a decade ago is probably not the same as you do today. Some get heavier, and others get lighter. The weight of the occupant also factors in when it comes to the integrity of the mattress. If you have gotten heavier, then chances are your mattress is having a hard time accommodating the weight compared to 5 years ago. This is mostly due to wear and tear in conjunction with the change in your weight.

  1. Constant Allergic Reactions

The Wrong Matress For Sleeping Allergies And Allergic Reactions

If you notice that you get allergies more often at home, especially when in your bedroom then the most likely suspect here is your mattress. Old mattresses will have a considerable build-up of dust mites from years and years of use. Conventional foam mattresses are highly susceptible to dust might accumulation while latex, waterbeds, and memory foams offer a higher resistance.

  1. You Prefer Sleeping in a Different Room

Old Mattress

This is probably the most glaring warning sign that you need to replace your mattress. If you find yourself going to a different room or even preferring to sleep on the couch, then you have a big problem concerning with your mattress.

But, if you start preferring another bed to your bed, then it is high time to start thinking about replacing the mattress. This will help rekindle that spark in the bedroom as well if you catch my drift.


Everybody needs a good night’s sleep to recharge for the next day. The bed should offer us respite and assist in giving us a night of refreshing sleep. If you feel that your sleep quality is lacking then use the reasons listed above to determine whether you need to buy a new mattress or not.

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