Top 10 Simple Design Tips For Stunning Small Bedrooms


I was facing what seemed to be an unconquerable problem. It was my first day on the job working for a company that would buy homes, upgrade them, and then sell them for a hefty profit (more commonly known as real estate flipping). And the property we had just picked up was amazing. Sort of. It had one big flaw – the master bedroom was tiny!

I could see prospective buyers being dazzled with the house only the have their dreams crushed by the small bedroom. Luckily, my co-worker was a fantastic interior designer who was engineering impressive ways to make tiny spaces feel rich, vast, and comfortable. After remodeling the house, it sold in less than a week.

In this article, you will learn 10 simple design tips that you can use to transform a small bedroom in a bedroom oasis.

  1. Wall Mounting

Wall Mounting
Mounting objects on your walls like television sets, headlamps, and other decorative items will embellish your bedroom with a spacious aura. They will also make your bedroom look like a luxuriously designed place. More so than the vibe, wall mounting increases the amount of visible floor space. Use wall mounting for a luxurious and open feel.

  1. High Shelving On The Walls

High Shelving On The Walls
Making a small bedroom feel bigger is entirely about efficiency. Implanting high shelves into your walls will dramatically free up space that would otherwise be taken up by dressers or nightstands. You can comfortably place objects on shelves and reduce the surface space in your bedroom. Aside from the efficient storage space, designers also use raised shelves to make ceilings look higher. The idea is that objects placed higher on the shelves seem further away and that comparison makes the ceiling feel taller than it is.

  1. Distinct Focal Point

Distinct Focal Point
Every room has a focal point. The focal point is that one large item that instantly grabs a guest’s attention. By placing focal points as far as possible from the entrance, the room will feel bigger than it actually is. A great idea is to use attention-grabbing headboards as your focal point.

  1. Use furniture With Curved Edges

Furniture With Curved Edges
Furniture with sharp edges increases mental strain. This can lead to rooms feeling more cramped than they actually are. Sharp corners are also associated with offices and workspace. Bedrooms are meant for relaxing and unwinding. So, on the other hand, rounded edges are easier on the eyes. Filling up your bedroom with round-edged furniture will create a more pleasant vibe simply because your room will lack sharp edges.

  1. Placement Of The Bed

Placement Of The Bed
Big open spaces are the hallmark of luxury. However, in small bedrooms, you have to make do with what you got. One of the best techniques is to place the bed in a corner. The effect is that it will create more uninterrupted floor space. As we covered before, having open floor space is paramount to making a small room feel bigger.

  1. Managing Window Shading

Window Shading
Not many people outside of interior designers know this trick. Matching your window shades color to that of the ceiling creates the perception that the room is taller than it actually is. Although simple, this method is powerful when coupled with the other tips you learned!

  1. Design With Light Coloring

Light Coloured Design
Dark colors make spaces feel smaller than they actually are. Psychologically, it makes people feel trapped and increases anxiety. Brighter colors on the other hand reflect “day-time” which is when humans feel the most comfortable. By using softer colors in your bedroom, you will create a more friendly and inviting atmosphere for a relaxed feel. Make this a DIY project.

  1. Use Minimalistic Furniture

Minimalistic Furniture
Make your furniture count. Normally, the biggest piece of furniture is the bed. However, most beds are not that efficient. To get the most out of the small space you have available, purchase a bed that comes with storage. The amount of closet, shelf, and dresser space that you will save is priceless.

  1. Mirror Illusion

Mirror Illusion
Perhaps the most well-known technique for making small spaces seem bigger is including oversized mirrors. The reflections caused by mirrors make rooms seem dramatically bigger than they actually are. If possible, order custom-made mirror panels to cover an entire room. You will be shocked at how much bigger your room will feel.

  1. Light Management

Light Management

There’s a reason luxurious contemporary homes opt for windows instead of walls.The more natural lighting that can be let into your bedroom the more spacious and inviting it will feel.

Designing a small bedroom is all about experimenting. Individually, none of these tricks may make that big of a difference (except maybe for tip 9) but combined, they will guarantee a more luxurious feel. Our modern lifestyles are so dynamic that it is essential for our bedrooms to be places for us to retreat to and recharge in peace.



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