Top 10 Techniques To Create Killer Video Content Strategy


Video Content Strategy

Video is the king of all forms of content. No matter what you search on the Internet, you can’t go without finding videos on that topic. Out of all types of media that exist in today’s world, including images, GIFs, etc. videos are the most engaging.

There are many reasons why videos are such a massive hit among the audience. They are one of the best ways to tell a story, comprehend it, and relate to it. The underlying reasons why people love videos are that they can establish a relationship or a deeper connection with the content. It is the same reason why people love motion pictures and cinema. Videos have the potential to speak directly to people and reach out to them, creating a lasting impact on memory.

Research indicates that in 2019, video content accounted for as much as 80 percent of the traffic on the Internet. And when videos go on social media, they get viral overnight. Statistics suggest that social media videos generate 1200 percent more shares as compared to images and texts combined.

This presents a massive opportunity for brands across the world to reach out to their followers and potential customers through the medium of a simple video marketing plan. The brands that are already doing it on various platforms like social media tell the telltales of the huge return on investment and engagement. According to a recent statistic, 87 percent of the marketers out there use video content.

The point is that customers love video content, which creates a constant demand for them in the market. As a result, the volume of video content increases by 100 percent every year. But, with so much competition out there, you must pay attention to your simple video marketing plan. Make sure you put in all the hard work to create a compelling story and have a strategy to garner the customer’s attention. In case you’re just starting, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the top 10 killer video content strategies to skyrocket the engagement of your video content-

Make Sure You Have An SEO Strategy For Your Video

If you think SEO is only necessary for your text content and descriptions, it’s time you look at them from the perspective of the video. Statistics suggest that Youtube has become the second-largest search engine, which means people not just look up to it for videos but also general information. So, when you’re creating a video, make sure that it has an SEO optimized title and keywords added to your video description.

Tag Relevant People

Tag one or more relevant people or brands directly associated with your video. This helps more people associate with your video.

Pay Attention To The Thumbnail

Optimize your video for mobile editing and make sure that they have a decent looking thumbnail that catches the attention of the viewer.

Have Clarity In Your Video

Be sure about what you’re trying to convey with your video. People usually skim the titles before they start watching videos, so make sure that you have an appealing one. To get more people to view your video, have a clear and vivid description. Also, add subtitles to your video so that you can appeal to a larger audience.

Highlight Social Proof

Highlighting social proof for a video makes people watch it even more. Add customer testimonials to your video to build a sense of trust and reliability in your brand. You can do this by showing the number of likes, follows, shares, etc. or the number of clients that you serve.

Optimize Videos For Conversions

Make sure you deliver the message straight and upfront about what you want your customers to do after they watch your video. You might want them to sign up for your platform, make a purchase, or just get in touch with you. Try using a call to action link and offer incentives.

Plan Where You Want To Distribute

Make sure you define your video proliferation channels. Distributing content on the right platforms can help you get the best engagement. Start by uploading your video on your website and then move onto uploading it on Youtube and other channels.

Focus On Maximizing Reach

With your video campaign ready, make sure you maximize its reach to the people out there. Create a potential for engagement by asking your users to express their opinions through comments or polls.

Try Paid Advertising

Use Facebook’s paid advertising to promote your video campaigns online. It isn’t that expensive and can help your business get the right boost it needs.

Analyze Performance

No marketing campaign can reach its full potential unless it is analyzed, and its nuances are realized. Make sure you’re paying attention to the responses that you get and mold your content according to that.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started right away!


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