Top 10 Tiles And Marble For Your House


Top 10 Tiles And Marble For Your House

In the past, the Romans and Greek architects preferred marble floors. However, the design has been adopted by the rest of the world. One of the world’s most significant concentrations of marble structures is in Ashgabat. According to the Guinness World Records, the structure covers an area of 4.5 million square meters.

Marble has been used to design famous structures globally, including the Washington Monument in the United States and Taj Mahal in India. The longevity and resilience of these structures are proof enough that marble is a durable material. The stone has been used to design modern homes, leaving them with beautiful furnish.

People prefer to use marble for its sophisticated design patterns and color streaks. Marble can be classified into Calcite, Magnesium, or Dolomite. When it comes to selecting the right material for your floor, you might be overwhelmed by the numerous choices that are available in the market. is one of the tile and marble vendors that invites clients to stone gallery showrooms. This way, the customers interact with the various types of finishes and choose the one that pleases them. When you get to the showrooms, here is a guide to help you select the best material for your floors and walls.

A Comprehensive Guide For Selecting The Best Tiles And Marble

  • Budget. Marble and tiles are not the cheapest flooring materials available in the market today. It would help if you went for the tiles and marble floors that fit your budget.
  • Style. There are many styles for fitting marble tiles to your home. No two pieces produce the same pattern. Fitting a house with marble tiles is an art on its own. Some pieces have striking patterns, while others are subdued. Therefore, the choice will depend on your personal preferences.
  • Color. This is the most exciting part of choosing marble tiles. The tiles come in different color shades, including black, gray, red, peach, white, and cream. Bright colors are more suitable for small spaces as they create an illusion of more space. Dull colors, on the other hand, make a room feel cozy and intimate.
  • Safety. It is a top concern for every home. A shiny and smooth tile can look very well in the bathroom, but it poses safety hazards when wet. You are advised to choose tiles with natural traction for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Go for marble that requires less maintenance to retain its appealing look.

Benefits Of Marble And Tiled Floors

  • Durable. Marble and tiles are made from the sturdiest materials in the world. They can withstand heavy loads without breaking.
  • Easy to Clean. All stains are easy to remove with water and detergent. Unlike carpets, tiled and marble floors require less energy to clean.
  • Impressive Look. If you want a floor with the wow-factor, go for tiles and marble. They will impress everyone who comes to your house.
  • Add Value To Your Home. If you are looking forward to investing in a finish that will add value to your home years to come, consider having marble floors. Unlike carpets, which might wear and tear and call for a replacement, marble tiles are durable.

Types Of Tiles And Marble For Your House

  1. Breccia Marble

Breccia marble makes a house warmer and darker. It comes in two colors, deep brown and red. It is suitable for countertops and floors.

  1. Travertine

Travertine is formed naturally by underground hot water as it rises, carrying with it dissolved limestone. When the hot water cools and condenses, the dissolved minerals harden to form travertine. Since it is made through water processes, travertine is a good finish for wet surfaces. You have to fill all holes on the stone for it to make a durable finish.

  1. Carrara Marble

It is a pure white stone that can maintain its look depending on how it is handled. It is a light stone that is mostly used on floors.

  1. Calacatta Marble

It resembles Carrara but has visible strips and brighter colors. The marble stone can be used in any room, and the house still looks beautiful.

  1. Slate Floor Tiles

They are used for both walls and floors. These tiles are durable and colorful. The tactile finishes should be polished regularly, and honed slated have to be sealed regularly.

  1. Granite

It is one of the hardest stones on earth. Granite is formed by high temperatures at the core of the earth. It is not subject to scratches and breakage by metal or utensils. It is suitable for kitchen countertops. Granite is also heat-resistant. If left unsealed, granite will absorb oil and have stains.

  1. Limestone

These stones are mostly used in bathrooms. Limestone is a natural mineral that is light brown. Its porous and soft nature makes it unsuitable for floors used by many people.

  1. Terrazzo

Venetian constructors initially used it as a cheap flooring material. In the past, it was combined with marble chips when designing floors. Nowadays, terrazzo is made up of chips such as marble, quartz, and glass. They are sprinkled and bound with a binder made of chemicals, cement, or both. Terrazzo is ground and polished to create a smooth surface.

  1. Ceramic Tiles

They are produced from clay, which is heated to harden. The baked clay carries a desirable pattern when it cools down. The tiles are suitable for floors with less to moderate traffic. Their water-retention qualities make them unsuitable for wet areas.

  1. Porcelain Tiles

It is made from the same materials like ceramic tiles. However, they are subjected to higher temperatures and high-quality clay to make the end product tough and durable. Unlike ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles have less water-retention qualities, making them suitable for high humidity areas.

Porcelain tiles have beautiful patterns on the entire tile. They are impervious to wear, which makes them suitable for areas with high traffic. The tiles should be protected with an invisible and stain-resistant penetrating sealer.


When choosing the right finish for your house or office, it is essential to choose the tiles that will serve you for a long time. Consider the traffic flowing in and out of the building. Some tiles are suitable for high traffic areas, while others are designed for low capacity areas. If you prefer bright patterns, consider tiles with bright patterns. Porcelain and marble are among the durable stones available in the market today.

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