Top 10 Tips to Buy the Best Security Doors for Protecting Your Home


In summers, we all experience that hot and stuffy weather inside our houses and desperately want to leave the front door open.  However, most of the time, it is not a good idea as it would be an open invitation to crooks to come in and help them. Well, you can install the right security door and open your main entrance to allow that pleasant breeze going.

Security doors in Melbourne are ample, but finding a good quality door is a daunting task. When you purchase an entry, you always need to have a proper understanding of what suits you best. Here are some tips on how and what to look for while buying a security door.

Security Doors in Melbourne

Who is the manufacturer? The question is relevant as if something wrong happens with the door within the warranty period, who will fix it and how long it would take to fix it. You can buy it from the local vendors, but mostly, these vendors do not set the door if there is any defect. You need to contact the manufacturer. So, it is advisable to buy doors from Australia rather than overseas to avoid complications.

The most common question asked by buyers is what would be the best: steel or aluminum. It varies and depends on the priority of users. Steel is stronger than aluminum, but steel gets corrosive and not aesthetics. Steel doors are available in limited designs, whereas aluminum doors come with many designs. Aluminum doors are no less than steel if you check the security aspect. It also comes with a 3 point lock by the quality standard.

You don’t have to spendthrift to buy a quality security door. The market is competitive, and you can find lots of security doors in Melbourne that are cost-effective. However, many people compromise on the quality to save some money. Usually, it will hurt them in terms of after-sales service. Always go for a reputed company that gives full support to your security doors.

Check whether if the door is corrosion proof. Steel doors are quite sturdy, but most of them get corrosive over some time. While buying a steel door, you can either purchase a hot-dip galvanize door with powder coating. It helps to delay the corrosion in years. You can also create the door framework from all gal tubes that the interior of the door is protected. There are three options such as sandblasted, zinc primed and powder coated. Remember, whatever you buy, all types of security doors demand self-maintenance.

Locks and handles are essential parts of the door. You can go with quality brands such as Lockwood, Jackson, Chubb, etc. If you are not going for a brand, that is okay, but always check the warranty of the lock. Still purchase mortice locks and not surface mounted. A right quality security door is always installed with a mortice lock.

Many people ignore the hinges, but these are an essential part of security doors. A pin hinge is a must for all quality steel doors. It means the straps are installed through welding to the fixed frame that is bolted to the wall. Most of the aluminum doors use butt hinge that has a pin that locks into the frame.

An important aspect is the design element of the door. Remember, this will be your front door, so you need to create it fascinating, so add value to your design and build a good impression.

Colors are essential as you can use a standard color option to sync with the guttering or the roller door. If you are unsure, the safe side is to paint it black or white.

You can use screens, but not an essential feature. If you want to make the door insect-proof, you can use a filter. Also, steel doors have 6-8mm gaps down the side and across the top for safety reasons. You can solve these gaps b weather seals. There are options for screens, including fly screens, pet mesh, privacy screen, and others.

Warranty is essential as a good warranty means your product is already certified a long-lasting. Don’t go for anything less than a year’s warranty. Nevertheless, a superior quality product comes with a price tag, so if you are seeking for a good warranty, it will be naturally expensive for you.

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  1. I liked that you had mentioned the importance of checking if the door is corrosion proof to help increase how long it will last. My wife and I have been worried about how we handle someone breaking into our home and we’ve realized that our door could be a point of entry. We might have to look into getting a security door for our home just to feel safer, and when we start looking for one we’ll be making sure that it is corrosion proof.

  2. I appreciate what you said about how you can find security doors that are cost-effective. My husband and I are concerned that our house will be burgled like our neighbor’s home was last week, and we want to take measures to prevent it. Maybe we should start looking around for something we can afford that will give us peace of mind.

  3. I liked that you had mentioned that when it comes to looking for a security door that it can be important to find a door that incorporates a decent lock and handle that makes it even safer. My wife and I have been wanting to feel safer in our home and we haven’t really known what to do about getting there. I think if we had a security door that we’d feel a lot safer, once we start looking for one we’ll be sure to look for one that has a good lock and door handle on it.

  4. My wife and I are thinking of getting a security door to improve our home’s security. I found it helpful how you pointed out that I should check and see if the door is corrosion proof. I’ll be sure to do this since I want this door to last me as long as possible.

    • I do agree with you that keeping our front door open on summer days is not wise as it may call the attention of thieves. Since security is topmost in our mind, your tips provided here like it should be corrosion proof will definitely help us choose the right door for us. As our door’s knob is already broken, we really have been planning to replace it with a much sturdy door and aiming to have that replaced even before the holiday season comes.

  5. I like that you suggest making sure the door you choose is corrosion proof. My husband and I are wanting to get a security door to help keep us safe. I’ll have to look into finding the best company to help me get the right door installed.

  6. I want to make sure that I get the right door to keep my home safe. It makes sense that a security door would be beneficial! It’s so nice that they can be so sturdy when locked.

  7. Thank you so much for explaining that you should check if your door is corrosion-proof so it can last longer. My brother and his wife have been thinking about getting a security door after they suffered from a robbery a few weeks ago. I think it would be really good if they make sure they follow the tips you listed here, so it would be really great if I share this article with them.

  8. It was helpful when you said that you should know the manufacturer. My husband and I are wanting to make our home safer since our kids get home before we get home from work. We’ll make sure to keep these tips in mind as we search for security doors.

  9. Very great article. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog post. Your website is very informative. Keep posting and keep sharing like this.

  10. I never thought to consider asking who the manufacturer of the security door is before purchasing one. My brother’s house was recently broken into and now my wife wants to increase the security around ours. I’ll be sure to double-check who made whatever door we end up buying.

  11. Hi there, I like the way that you mentioned the importance of door lock at home. A very useful blog you have shared. Thanks.

  12. I love your article, It gives me tips and ideas, the last time I install a security door was had enough because it was really old and need to replace a new one. I like how you mentioned that you should choose a door that is corrosion-proof. Thank you for this article, I really appreciate your efforts on this.

  13. It’s great that you talked about security doors and how to buy one from a reliable source. Last week, my wife and I started renovating our house, and we didn’t think about replacing our doors and windows. We think it’d be good to have a security door installed during the upcoming warm months, so we’ll look into it. Thank you for the advice on checking a door’s warranty policies before purchasing.


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