Top 3 Benefits Of Installing A Smart Sprinkler System


Smart devices are colossal business right now. It’s estimated that over 39 million U.S. households use smart speakers, like Amazon Echo or Google Home, today. Connecting with various aspects of home automation through Wi-Fi is only going to become more popular in the next decade, and that includes the use of smart sprinklers.

There are several on the market to choose from, but you may want to know a little more about what these smart devices can do before you try to sell them on your next client. Here are three things you probably didn’t think to explain smart sprinklers.

  1. Provide Water Conservation Methods During Droughts

Provide Water Conservation Methods During Droughts

Yes, Wi-Fi enabled controllers can allow homeowners to have complete control over their irrigation. But did you know that you could also create settings that will help conserve water in times of drought? In areas that have water conservation issues, households must do their part to reduce usage. It’s just as important to balance that need for conservation with a healthy lawn, however. A smart controller can allow your customers to do that without all the usual guessing games. These devices even use weather data to provide the right irrigation at the right times.

  1. Send Homeowners Important Data About The Health Of Their Lawn

Important Data About The Health Of The Lawn

A smart sprinkler controller can do more than just irrigate a lawn. The right system can also send important data that allows one to determine whether the current irrigation strategy is working. Customers can see if their yard is being over or under watered, then decide on what they want to do about it with quick adjustments. Some smart sprinklers can be controlled and data accessed through your Google Assistant or Amazon Echo, literally putting the information at your fingertips or with your smart speaker device at home.

  1. Offer Remote Access Every Day Or During Emergencies

Smart Sprinkler System

In Australia, during a bushfire, one homeowner was able to save their home by access their smart sprinkler system remotely. While this is an extreme case, it does point to the benefits and accessibility of smart sprinkler systems. With your phone or smart device at home or on the go, you can tap into your system, turn it on or off and access data when you need it wherever you are. This connectivity of devices is becoming prevalent, and some people are concerned about the nature of this new technology, but ultimately the process is meant to make our lives easier rather than more difficult.

There are several models currently available on the market. When in doubt, we recommend conducting further research on your own and following up with a local irrigation installation and sprinkler repair company that is familiar with your type of lawn and can give you personalized advice.

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