Top 3 Country Cottage Interior Design Styles Of 2013


French Country Interior Design For Elegant Dining

Country cottage design styles are very famous among the urbanized lot owing to its feeling of warmth and peace. By cottage, we insinuate a not a very big house designed in a way, termed as the countryside to make most of these small availabilities and make it as cozy as possible. Country cottage designs differ from region to region, state to state. Although, some common feature remains unaltered irrespective of the place. Features like texture, coloring style, and accessorized walls. Here’s the list stating the top 3 country cottage style interior designing of 2013.

  1. Seaside Country Cottage Interior Design Styles

Seaside Country Cottage interior design Cream Color

Seaside country cottages are known for the usage of vibrant colors in its decorative. Mostly, colors like blue, cream, or whites are used, giving it a very aesthetic feel. Distinct textures, complementary to the colors used, are available. The designer often tries to use souvenirs from beaches, and thus enhances the beauty of seaside country cottages. Stuff like shells and starfish are always very prominent in these cottages. This style is usually a combination of artificial as well as natural beauty.

Seaside Country Cottage Interior Design Blue

  1. Asian Country Cottage Interior Design Styles

Asian Country Cottage Interior Design Chocolate Color

The interest of the west in Asian culture is ever-burgeoning. More often, the designers try to incorporate the Asian style of embellishment on their own, thus producing something altogether new and fresh. Asia, the hub of many cultures, has managed to invoke curiosity amongst many European designers. The constant urge to provide the customer with something new, something different has forced them to embrace the prominent architectural style prevalent in Asian culture.

Asian Country Cottage Interior Design Green

The colors used in Asian country cottage interior design are in chocolate browns, grass greens, and certain colors that are seemingly inspired by a variety of floral available in Asia. The complementary textures include carvings of stones, floral decorative, and a helluva usage of woods.

  1. European Country Cottage Interior Design Styles

European Country Cottage Interior Design

Perhaps one of the most stylish and sophisticated designing styles, European country cottage interior designs are quite popular among the masses. They use vibrant colors like bright yellows, sober blues along with certain shades of white. Known for its elegance, these styles of design are widely accepted.

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