Top 3 Things About Getting Villas For Rent In Dubai


Villas For Rent In Dubai

Most Villas have the same things in common: they are an entire building that you rent, with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and that affords you the privacy you need. These villas are also usually in private, gated communities to assure you that your family will be especially safe while living in your villa.

Dubai villas for rent are incredibly special. Here are three things that set villas for rent in Dubai apart from villas in other locations around the world.

They Are Affordable

Villas for rent in Dubai are relatively inexpensive if you are coming from other parts of the country. This increases the odds that you will be living with expatriates from countries that are like yours. This is because the United Arab Emirates, the country where Dubai is located, uses the dirham (AED), which is weak against most Western currencies.

One of the highest-priced villas for rent in Dubai goes for roughly AED 3,734,890. In America, this villa goes for just over $1,000,000 yearly for a property that has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. In Great Britain, this same property would go for just over 786,160 Pounds. Finally, in the Eurozone, this property goes for just over 868,000 Euros.

Likewise, one of the lowest-priced villas for rent in Dubai goes for roughly AED 45,000 in annual rent and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. This villa would go for over $1,225 annually in America, just over 947 pounds, and just over 1,045 Euros.

So, on average, if you are from a Western nation, even the price of an exclusive villa is exceptionally low. In America, this beats the price of some of the least expensive properties to rent in New York.

Rent Payment

Most villas in America are now available as part of a hotel. While Europe still maintains the tradition of villas being for individual persons, there are differences in how you pay the rent. In Dubai, rent is typically paid either monthly or annually. This means that you can choose the way you pay for rent. You are also usually locked into a yearly contract.

A yearly contract in America is a tenant’s dream. Instead, many Americans must deal with month-to-month contracts, whose terms can change drastically from month-to-month and year-to-year. A yearly contract, however, locks you into an annual or monthly payment that does not change and is predictable.

Thus, especially if you are from America, an annual rental contract is by far the most desirable. It makes sure that landlords cannot abuse the contract and rental system while making sure that eviction cannot happen if the landlord refuses to renew a contract. Moreover, if you are looking for long-term stability in life, Dubai has many more annual rental contracts than monthly ones available to a tenant.


As we mentioned before, click here for more information about villas for rent in Dubai are relatively long-term. This means that you can live in the property for as long as you want if the landlord continually renews the contract at the end of the year. This also means that only you and your family will live on the property.

In America especially, the use of villas as long-term properties is on the decline. Many of them are for hotels only, which usually means that you cannot stay long-term and must book a finite stay as opposed to making villas a place for a long-term, multiple-year stay.

However, villas for rent in Dubai also have gated communities and security services as well. This is not true in many American hotels, let alone in many private communities in other Western nations. Security services are also 24/7, which sometimes does not happen in communities in Western nations. Therefore, some villas for rent in Dubai may have more security than hotels and college dormitories in many Western nations combined.


Reasonable prices. Yearly Contracts. Exclusivity and Security. These are the three phrases you should think of when you look for villas for rent in Dubai. The prices are reasonable and are at very affordable rates, especially if you are looking to relocate from a Western country or other countries that have a strong currency against the dirham. Yearly rent contracts are desired by tenants all over the world as they cut down on the potential for month-to-month contract abuse. Finally, exclusivity and security in these villas for rent in Dubai are top-notch and will provide you and your family with an added sense of safety.

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