Top 3 Tips For How To Choose A Perfect Drone?


Parrot - ANAFI 4K Quadcopter with Remote Controller

From time immemorial, people were fascinated by birds and their ability to fly. Their efforts to imitate the flying creatures date back to the late XVIII century France, where the first balloon flight took place. Over time balloons changed their forms and developed. In 1849 the Austrians attacked Venice, an Italian city, using balloons loaded with explosives. That was the first time in history when some used Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Since then, UAVs have stayed around, with their purposes being solely military. Drones were used and improved to win the most significant wars of modern history. During the Second World War, some inventor created the first remote-controlled aircraft. With technological progress, more improvements happened – miniature, and later on, micro UAV started to appear.

It was not until 2014 when the original drones appliance started to change. What happened back then? In the year of 2014, Amazon proposed using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to deliver packages to customers. Soon after, some real-estate agencies started to shoot promotional videos with drones. UAVs began to become more accessible and more regular consumer-oriented.

Nowadays, if somebody wants to own a drone, all they need to do is search for some online page selling aircraft and buy one. Seems easy? You would be surprised how far from the truth you are, at least if you want to be satisfied with the purchase. There are some factors that one must take into consideration before spending all the money on a new toy. Otherwise, the result may be deplorable. If you are curious about price comparisons and peer-to-peer reviews, visit They will keep you well-informed.

Keep on reading to discover three essential features of a properly chosen quadcopter.

  1. The Skills

Autel Robotics - EVO 4K Drone

Would you buy yourself a new Mercedes if you got your driving license yesterday? Probably not. Most likely, you would be too scared of a potential accident and the damages that could happen to the car. You would go for something smaller, safer, and less of a pity if crushed. Smart.

The same rule applies when it comes to drones. There are some UAVs so easy to fly a child could do it, but there are also some requiring previous experience, if not expertise—base the drone type choice on your skills and the ability to manage an aircraft.

If you are a beginner, you might want to pay more attention to drones that are inexpensive, smaller, and come with safety features. They tend to be cheaper and are more intuitive when flying. Some of them can even be controlled indoors. This is excellent news because you can learn how to master the skill of flying a drone much faster. A great aircraft to start with is Syma X12S.

  1. The Type

Protocol Drone

IF you are a little more experienced in the subject of drones, then you might want to choose one based on the number of engines mounted on the frame. There are three main types of UAVs:

  1. Tricopters – shaped in a Y letter, they have three engines. They are very light, which means they can accelerate and ascend well. One downside of this model is that they cannot fly appropriately on a windy day.
  2. Quadcopters – the most popular type of drone. They have four engines, two spinning clockwise and two counterclockwise. They are easy to maneuver, fly steadily, and will not be affected by the wind.
  3. Hexacopters and Octocopters – these are intended for professional purposes such as cinematography or photography. They have six hexacopters and eight octocopter machines. Bad weather will probably not affect them. Moreover, they can carry heavy loads.

Before buying a drone, know why you need it. Ask yourself simple questions about the purpose. Is it for fun, or is it for business? Do I want to become a landscape drone photographer, or do I need a drone to race? Select the features that you need and use them to choose the right type.

  1. The Price

Autel Robotics - EVO II PRO Professional Drone

When it comes to buying a drone, it is best to mix the quality with affordability. The UAVs’ prices vary greatly depending on their features, condition, and year of production. Some drones exceed the enormous costs of several thousand dollars, while others can be purchased for as little as a couple of dollars. Once you have chosen your criteria, it is good to research the market. It may turn out you will be willing to spend more than you thought for a drone because of the better quality material, or the other way round. The best way to stay informed is to read reviews and guides.

Choosing a drone can but does not necessarily have to be a daunting task. If you take into consideration your skills level, as well as the features you are looking for, and the pricing, you should be able to find the drone of your dreams in no time.


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