Top 3 Unusual Ideas For Small Home Offices


If you are thinking that working in a large home office will make you more productive, you need to change your orientation. Although the feeling of working in a large office space is great, you can equally make your small home space work-friendly by doing the right thing! A spare corner or quiet area you never thought was useful can serve as your office space. Sounds great right? So whether you are into essay writing online or work at home parent, use these 3 unusual ideas to make your small home office work.

  1. Change Room Layout

If the living room is small, try changing the furniture arrangement to create space for your home office. To achieve this, get a sofa that can accommodate at least two or three adults. Then place it against the longest side of the wall to avoid obstructing movement. You can mount your working desk in front of the window for proper ventilation and illumination of the room. By placing the sofa and desk this way, you are also creating more room at the center, which will help to make the room open and airy.

  1. Get A Stand-Up Desk

Stand-Up Desk

A standing or stand-up desk is a wise choice for a small home office. Compared to a regular desk, it is more beneficial and great for space management. Unlike the regular desk, the standing desk takes less space. And you will also benefit health-wise from standing for a while as against sitting on a spot for long hours.

Also, you do not have to stand throughout while working. You can get a bar stool for when you need to sit down and a high shelf to place your laptop.


  • Consider your height before choosing a standing desk. If you are 5’11” then desk height should be 44 inches. Also, consider the proportion of your body before deciding on desk height.
  • Make sure the desk is tightly screwed or nailed to the wall. It should also level well after mounting it.
  • Choose a corner in your home with minimal distractions.
  1. Go Under The Stairs

Go Under The Stairs

Most jobs might require you to work in a calm area, especially if you are a writer. An area of your home you might be yet to explore is under your stairs. If you are creative, you can turn under your stairs into a compact home office without obstructing movement in your small home.


  • Go for a slim desk that will properly fit into the small space under your stairs.
  • Also, a foldaway seat will also work well to prevent any obstruction when you are no longer working.
  • Place the desk some distance away from the edge of the stairs.


Your home office doesn’t have to be big to make you productive. What you need is a comfortable work area that is airy and well illuminated. These ideas will help you turn your small room into a nice workspace. You can also come up with creative ideas on your own.

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