Top 4 Benefits to Doing Loft Conversions London


With the economy all over the place, buying a new place can be intimidating. That is probably why more people choose to add space to their existing homes instead of move. One of the best ways to increase space and property value are loft conversions London. This additional space offers so many amazing benefits. I put together this checklist so you can see if a loft conversion is an excellent choice for your family.

  1. Property Value

Property Value

This is the #1 reason why people choose to convert their loft space. Recent research in the housing market found that your house value can increase a whopping 20%. That means that nationwide the average home can go up by £37,000!

While most people think of doing bathroom or kitchen renovations, the stats, are in and the easiest, most affordable, and lucrative move is transforming that unusable loft into a great space. Some people even use these lofts to let getting a nice tax break and disposable income.

  1. Save Your Time and Money

Beautiful Loft Bedroom

Bedroom extensions are more expensive and time constricting than loft conversions. While poor weather and planning permissions make extensions difficult, a loft conversion rarely required permissions and is not affected by the weather. This means you can quickly and affordably add value and space to your home.

  1. Increase Space and Light

Loft Lighting

Adding an extension to your home can increase space, but doing loft conversions, London will also provide you with excellent additional storage. It is so much easier in London to build up instead of out, so choosing loft conversions gives you the increased space, added space to store things, but doesn’t take up any of your precious outdoor space.

Natural light is also important for lowering heating and cooling costs as well as beauty. Everything looks better in natural light, and a loft conversion takes advantage of its height and positioning.

  1. Multiple Functions

Loft Kitchen

Unlike a kitchen or bathroom remodel, your loft conversion can be turned into a dreamscape. Here are just a few popular things people use their lofts for:

Exercise Room – bright and light and away from it all. You will love to exercise with these gorgeous and peaceful views

Additional Living Room – Tired of sharing the living room (and TV) with your teenagers, enjoy a cozy just for you two loft living room.

Children’s Playroom – It can take ages to clean up a playroom only to have it be a disaster in a minute. With a loft space, your kids can play and make a mess without you worrying about the company popping round and seeing the disaster.

Office Space – renting an office space can be expensive, but working from home can be hard when you are in shared quarters. Private office space in your home is a dream come true.

Storage – Who doesn’t need a nice-sized space to organize your things. From heavy winter blankets to seasonal decorations, a loft makes a great storage spot.

Rental Unit – as mentioned, you can rent out this space to an exchange student for extra income and a great tax write-off.

Guest Room – Give your guests some much-needed peace and privacy with a loft conversion.

Bonus Tip:

Choose a reliable, cost-effective, and insured company for your loft conversions. Companies like ABC Lofts, for example, has no middle man, so you don’t have to worry about paying for overhead, this makes them 25% cheaper than larger companies. Ask your prospective company if they offer a guarantee and for how long. Also, make sure the loft conversion is insured and always compare prices.


Loft conversions London is an excellent investment that provides financial and personal benefits from day one. Do your research and choose an excellent loft conversion company with excellent reviews and a great reputation. Before you know it, your loft will increase your property value and give you and your family a fabulous extra space with additional storage!

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