Top 4 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas


A minimalistic design in your bathroom is something that can make it feel considerably cleaner, appear more significant, and give an all-round feeling of comfort. The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most ease and most used rooms in your home and is commonly a neglected room when it comes to decor – many people are guilty of filling their bathroom up with products and objects that they do not need.

However, fewer products are not all there is to create the ultimate minimalist designer bathroom sets. Colour schemes play a huge part too. We are going to take a look at the various ways, in this article that you can help to keep your bathroom minimalist, as well as cover some of what we think are the top 4 best minimalist bathroom ideas.

Go With Clean And Neutral Colors/Shades

Bathroom Neutral Colors

One of the most important parts to getting your ultimate minimalist bathroom is the color scheme that you choose to use. If you start designing a bathroom that is very loud in terms of color and has multiple different bright and dark colors all around, it is going to start feeling very cramped and very cluttered very quickly – before you even have any furniture in. A simple, basic color scheme is the first important step to creating the best minimalist bathroom design. A basic and straightforward color scheme also offers a much sleeker and cleaner feel.

Use Extra Wall Space For Integrated Storage When Possible

Bathroom Integrated Storage

When you’re designing a minimalistic bathroom, a little amount of furniture is an absolute essential. Less is more! Look for areas in the wall that could be used and turned into integrated storage – integrated storage is a great way to save floor space and give your bathroom a far less cluttered feel. Built-in wall storage can also look very clean; you could have for example a set of drawers that are covered by a mirror – a straightforward way to make it look like there’s less going on than there is.

Install A Shower Seat Instead Of A Bath

Install A Shower Seat

While a bath is a great luxury addition to any bathroom and can be very relaxing; they do take up a seriously large amount of space. Of course, if you enjoy having a bath regularly, this may want to be a point that you avoid considering. However, if you do not, installing a shower seat instead of a bathroom may allow you to get the best of both worlds while avoiding the massive amount of space and overwhelming feel that a bath can create.

Simple Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

Simple lighting is key to a minimalistic bathroom. For an extreme example, a chandelier light would feel very out of place in a bathroom that is trying to achieve a minimalistic theme. Try to have lighting that can either not be seen, or that is very minimal and not fancy. Look for lights that can be mounted underneath units/mirrors etc. to achieve this.

Don’t Have Too Many Fancy Additions

Bathroom Fancy Additions

If you’d like to have a couple of shiny objects in your bathroom, limit these to a few to achieve the ultimate minimalistic look and feel.

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