Top 5 Beautiful Stone Pavers To Update Your Home


Stone pavers instantly offer your home an edgy look, and one of the most compelling features you find about these stone pavers is the variety of materials and colors you can explore. Most of the pavers you will come across are made of sandstone, travertine, and limestone. It is a wonderful way to upgrade the aesthetic feel of your home, both indoors or outdoors. Below are 5 beautiful stone pavers ideas to update your home.

As you will see, each material offers its own benefits; thus, the below overview should help you in your decision-making process on the best option for your home.

  1. Travertine Pavers

Travertine Pavers

It is one of the most common pavers that most homeowners go for because of how easily it blends with different types of dĂ©cor. You can get travertine pavers in several neutral colors, offering you a high-quality finish to your dĂ©cor. If you are looking for an affordable way to upgrade your current dĂ©cor, this could be a good option to explore. If you’re thinking of cleaning pavers in your home, contact Clean Image of Orlando for their professional service.

  1. Limestone Pavers

Limestone Pavers

Another attractive feature for most homeowners is the limestone pavers; this is due to the variety of colors you can explore, from black to make your décor pop, beige or cream for a more neutral feel to even a grey option. If you can get pavers made of the best natural materials, you will surely enjoy the value it instantly offers your home.

  1. Marble Pavers

Marble Pavers

A natural kind of look to your décor might not be what you are looking for. So how about an elegant feel with the use of marble pavers. These marble pavers offer a smooth finish, especially the sandblasted option. You can get these in several colors if you have an outdoor Jacuzzi or pool. How about upgrading its look with some marble pavers? You could also use it in your interior décor to give that elegant feel to your home.

  1. Sandstone Pavers

Sandstone Pavers

For an economical option, sandstone paver is something to look into. Upgrading your home look doesn’t mean breaking the bank. Get the pavers made of Himalayan sandstone from Northern India; it is a better option than Australia’s counterpart, as it is denser and will serve you longer. The paver will immediately offer your dĂ©cor some character as the material creates unique patterns with the natural different colors it has.

  1. Porphyry Or Basalt Pavers


Looking for something super unique and different for your décor? How about getting basalt and porphyry pavers. When properly assembled in your outdoor area, these are volcanic rocks. It creates an appealing aesthetic appeal, thanks to the different clouds and textures it comes in. Consider using these rocks for your outdoor in either your driveway, walkways, or your patio. An affordable option that will last for years.


There are different ways you can make use of stone pavers to add some life to your décor; this is from your driveways to walkways to your poolside. Consider these natural stones for your next renovation.

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